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What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding is an essential tool for navigating one's environment and finding specific locations, such as rooms or desks within a building. By understanding their current location, people can easily find their way around their workplace, making it easier to get things done.

At AskCody, a meeting management system, you can use wayfinding to help people locate specific rooms they want to book. By including a URL to a wayfinding tool, you and others in the booking invite can easily see where the room is located within the office or building. This can also be applied for a flexible desk setup to find an assigned workspace for the day. This makes it easier to plan workdays and ensures that everyone knows where to go.

In addition to wayfinding, meeting dashboards are another powerful tool that can be used in high-traffic areas such as reception, office entrance, or meeting room clusters. Meeting dashboards provide real-time updates on the office schedule, making it easier to find free rooms and plan meetings. With a quick glance at the dashboard, people can see which rooms are available and reserve them on the spot.

If you're looking to optimize your workplace for wayfinding, consider using both wayfinding tools and meeting dashboards. By providing people with the information they need to navigate their environment, you can create a more efficient and productive workplace. Incorporating wayfinding into your workplace will also improve employee satisfaction by reducing stress and confusion, and allowing people to focus on their work.



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