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Meeting Management
for Financial and
Professional Services

We help Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, and large Consultancy Firms run a better workplace.

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Streamlining meeting management

AskCody is the perfect fit for Financial and Professional Services

In the intricate world of financial and professional services, where efficiency and professionalism are paramount, the ability to manage meeting spaces effectively is more than just a logistical necessity or administrative need—it's a strategic asset. For banks, consultancy firms, investment firms, insurance companies, and other financial institutions, the challenges associated with meeting room bookings, meeting and visitor management can significantly impede productivity, client relationships, and ultimately, financial performance.
Banks, consultancy firms, and financial institutions face unique challenges that can significantly impact their operations and client relations. These challenges, if not addressed, can also have a direct effect on productivity, workplace experience, employee happiness, visitor experience, and the bottom line as meetings and revenue goes hand in hand.
In AskCody, we understand the challenges of managing meetings in these client-facing and focus business: banks, investment firms, financial institutions, and alike. Our Platform is built for that specific purpose to address and solve chose challenges once and for all to transform meeting management into a seamless aspect of business operations.
Meetings drives your revenue

For Financial and Professional services, meetings matter more

Let's be real: For Banks, investment firms, consultancy firms, and financial institutions meetings are important and matters. You have a ton of external meetings, every day. Because that's where you meet with your clients.
These meetings are important to your business. It's a crucial component in driving revenue. A meeting with a client, or potential prospect, is business critical. Because the meeting is where you actually meet the client. Face to face. It's where you build trust. Make a first impression. You engage in new customer relations. You meet, grow, and develop existing clients. You collaborate. You upsell and expand. You win the prospect.
You don't want to jeopardize that meeting due to a poor meeting management system, outdated spreadsheets, or a system you don't rely on. You need something, that's rock solid and just work. Day in and day out. That's an integrated part of how you work. Because meetings matter and you can't risk turning a potential great business opportunity into a lost prospect based on a poor meeting experience.

Thanks for trusting us with your meetings

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We give office admins the workplace overview to improve staff collaboration

Central makes it easy to manage room bookings, resource allocation, and service requests, all from one centralized platform.

Central is your calendar overview to handle all workspace requests ensuring smooth collaboration among your service staff.

This helps you effectively manage room setup, AV equipment, catering, and visitors.

Learn more about Central.

Automated catering cost with cost center management, billing and reporting

With AskCody, you can seamlessly track costs back to a client/matter or general ledger number, or manage cost centers for meetings.

This makes it easy for firms to include catering in their meetings because all costs are automatically added to the correct account. 

In general, the Meeting Services module makes AskCody a great fit for Financial and Professional, because we make it easy to book, edit, and keep track of service requests for meetings. 

Learn more about the Meeting Services.

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Visitor Management

We offer out-of-the-box Visitor Management - integrated into your Platform

Visitor Management gives guests a professional, white-glove experience when visiting your office. 

Having a tool to welcome guests helps the reception be prepared for arriving and departing visitors, print badges, sign NDA's and sent notifications to meeting hosts.

For law firm Eversheds Sutherland the AskCody Visitor Management solution has helped them get ISO certified because they can ensure guests' data is documented and tracked in accordance with the ISO standards. 

Learn more about Visitor Management.

See real-time meeting room and workspace availability at your Office

Showing real-time free/busy status on workspaces and meeting rooms in your office maps enhances your employee's workplace experience. Access to real-time information about the current and upcoming availability of desks and meeting rooms allows them to make informed decisions about where to work or hold meetings without manual checks or inquiries.

Providing efficient navigation and real-time availability of information contributes to a positive sense of empowerment and control over the workspace environment.

Learn more about Maps

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Key challenges in Meeting Management

What's the challenge with meetings anyways?

As in any other professional setting and context in a corporate world, a meeting for financial institutions, banks, or an investment firm, isn't just about availability of people and rooms in a fancy looking scheduling tool or mobile app. The meeting's journey from planning and scheduling, to welcoming guests and visitors, to managing food, beverages, room setup and cleaning, to finalizing and completing the meetings, involves a lot of moving parts, that must play together in harmony. And it involves a lot of stakeholders, too, like Facilities Management, the Reception, IT, Conference Service or Hospitality, AV, Finance, and PA's.
In short, the key challenges are:
  • Complex Scheduling Interfaces
  • Lack of Real-Time Data
  • Resource Misalignment
  • Excessive Administrative Tasks
  • Visitor Experience Flaws

Financial professionals often navigate complex, secure tools that lack user-friendliness, making efficient booking a challenge. This complexity can lead to delays and frustration, detracting from client service and internal collaboration.

Without access to real-time room availability, scheduling conflicts and double bookings are common, disrupting the smooth flow of daily operations—a critical fault in a fast-paced financial environment, causing significant disruptions in a sector where time is money and professionalism is paramount.

Meetings in the financial sector frequently require specialized resources, such as secure communication systems or specific presentation technology. Finding rooms equipped to meet these precise requirements can waste valuable time

Financial experts can spend undue time handling logistical details rather than focusing on client needs or strategic decision-making, directly impacting efficiency and profitability. This misallocation of time can translate into lost revenue and reduced client satisfaction.

First impressions are crucial in finance, and any inefficiency or delay in managing visitor and client meetings can negatively impact client perceptions and potential business opportunities. In finance, the client's experience during on-site meetings can significantly influence their perception of the firm. Inefficiencies in managing these encounters can lead to poor first impressions and missed business opportunities.


“A Wonderful Upgrade to our Room Reservation System!"

I LOVE that AskCody is integrated with Outlook. It makes reserving, editing and canceling reservations so quick and easy. The interface is very easy to use and is so customizable to our needs. I love that we can make it our own and customize our rooms, vendors, and services from the Admin side"

Shayla Moore
Shaley MTraining Coordinator at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon

"Quality room management system with quality people supporting it"

I give AskCody 10/10. It is a phenomenal solution. Easy to implement. It's easy to train on, and it is easy to use. We use AskCody to allow our population to easily and confidently book rooms across all our offices, giving them the ability to do it themselves. Kind of removing the middle person"

Luke SDir. Professional Development at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon

“It gives our clients coming in this concierge, white-glove experience"

“Having the responsibility back in the hands of the assistants allows reception to provide more of a concierge, white-glove experience for clients coming in.

Henry Chace
Henry ChaseCIO at Burns & Levinson

“An Outlook-based system makes training painless"

With AskCody we have a system based on Outlook which everyone is already familiar with, so training of the end user is painless. The system can be explained in a clear, logical, and relevant way".

Jennie DePhillipsTraining Manager at Burns & Levinson

“A massive productivity boost for our secretaries!"

"Our secretaries managed two or three attorneys and partners before. Now they're managing maybe five or six. It's only possible to manage that increased workload, because they can handle everything in one spot with AskCody. "

Susann HollowayConference Services Manager at Eversheds Sutherland

“We handle all reservations and requests for a room under one roof"

"Admins can manage each reservation for a room and each request that is needed for that event or meeting all under one roof, really helped a lot with organizing and it's much better for our attorneys as well. Everyone gets it"

Dale PollockConference Services Manager at Eversheds Sutherland
Achieving meeting excellence

The all-in-one Meeting Management Platform for Financial and Professional Services

For financial institutions aiming to improve operational efficiency, enhance client satisfaction, and maintain regulatory compliance, AskCody offers a powerful solution. By streamlining the process of meeting room booking and management, AskCody not only frees up valuable resources but also allows financial professionals to focus on their core objectives: managing client relationships and navigating the complex landscape of financial services.
In doing so, AskCody not only addresses a logistical challenge—it enhances a strategic facet of the financial sector.
AskCody offers a suite of solutions designed to streamline meeting room booking and enhance meeting management, addressing the unique needs of financial institutions effectively.
The key benefits of AskCody for Financial Services are:
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
  • Advanced Search with Real-Time Updates
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Enhanced Visitor Management
  • Room displays, TV Dashboards and Maps for improved visibility and guidance
  • Data-Driven Space Optimization
  • Improved Collaboration and Compliance

AskCody integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, allowing for straightforward meeting room bookings within the familiar interfaces of Microsoft ecosystem with Outlook, Teams, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange.

This integration significantly reduces the learning curve and minimizes disruptions, and with modern add-ins, deployment as fully automated with no risk of performance issues with Outlook.

AskCody's real-time updates prevent booking conflicts, and its advanced search capabilities allow users to filter rooms based on specific needs, ensuring that every meeting has the right resources and settings, while ensuring that the right room is selected for the right purpose to optimize room utilization.

No matter if booking from Outlook, from AskCody's mobile app or in AskCody Maps, with real-time room availability and advanced search features, AskCody ensures that employees can quickly find and book rooms that meet their specific requirements, whether it's secure communications technology for sensitive financial discussions or large spaces for client presentations.

Understanding the dynamic nature of financial services, AskCody offers a robust interface that enables bookings and adjustments on-the-go, ensuring high responsiveness to changing client demands and schedules. Recognizing the mobile nature of modern financial services, AskCody's userfriendly mobile app or intuitive web interface allows bankers and financial advisors to manage bookings on-the-go, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to client needs.

AskCody streamlines the entire visitor management process, from pre-registration and automated check-ins to professional handling at reception, enhancing the client experience and reinforcing the firm’s professionalism. Automated check-ins, notifications, and professional handling of visitor logistics ensure that client meetings start on time and are conducted smoothly.

For larger financial campuses, AskCody provides room displays, dashboard or maps, that guide clients and staff to their destinations quickly, preventing delays and maintaining punctuality for meetings while it's easy to see room availability at a glance, preventing delays and ensuring meetings begin as scheduled.

With analytics tools, financial managers can gain insights into space utilization and meeting patterns, allowing for informed decisions on space allocation and real estate investments, which can lead to cost reductions and better resource management. This data is crucial for financial institutions to optimize their real estate strategy, potentially reducing overhead costs and improving resource allocation.
By facilitating access to appropriately equipped rooms, AskCody not only enhances collaboration among teams but also helps ensure compliance with stringent industry regulations during sensitive discussions and transactions, which is essential in the regulatory environment of financial services.
Contributing to a better bottom line

Focus on what truly matters, not planning meetings

For financial services organizations, where efficiency, professionalism, and compliance are key, AskCody presents a solution that not only simplifies meeting room management but also aligns with the strategic goals of the industry. By reducing the time and resources spent on meeting-related administrative tasks, AskCody allows financial professionals to focus more on what truly matters—client relationships and financial management—thereby driving productivity, enhancing client satisfaction, and ultimately, contributing to a better bottom line.

Common questions from Financial and Professional Services?

Can you set up privacy and confidentiality settings for meetings and visitors?

Yes, you have multiple settings to ensure privacy and confidentiality. 

You can setup private meetings to ensure information is kept confidential. 

There are also many options in the Visitor Management solution to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Can you have assistants or PA's book resources like rooms or workstations on behalf of someone else? Even catering?

Yes, with delegated access or shared access to calendars as configured in Microsoft Outlook.

Delegated Access gives access to the entire account, including calendars and email.

Shared Access gives access to calendars (i.e. can't send emails on behalf of other people).

What happens to catering or services orders when meetings are cancelled or rescheduled? Catering, services and additional resources follow your meeting. That's one of the best parts. We call it follow the meeting intelligence.

Meetings are canceled, rescheduled, postponed, or relocated all the time. That’s why all the assigned resources such as catering, AV and telepresence, meeting room equipment, and table arrangements follow the meeting if it is rescheduled. If a meeting is canceled, the assigned resources will be released automatically. The kitchen or the AV provider will be notified immediately from the AskCody Management Portal.

How does vendors or service providers work with AskCody?

AskCody is not just Outlook add-ins or meeting room booking system features. It's a complete Platform with a backend designed to make the meeting experience more efficient and effective than ever for providers of meeting services, office managers, facilities managers and real estate owners.

Office Managers can use the AskCody room reservation system to manage additional resources, workflows, items, bookings of corporate kitchens and canteens, and accept or reject bookings. Kitchen and facility managers can view at a glance what they need and how many people need meeting services, as well as the location. Now they have an instant one-stop interface with an updated overview in real-time.

Can data be exported? And what about cost center management or tax management for external meetings? With AskCody you get the data you need when you need it.

Your IT or Finance department will love the ease-of-use associated with the data export in AskCody. Data is simply exported to incorporate with accounting, databases, and ERP through simple CSV exports or by leveraging the AskCody API. 

Can I control who is able to book specific rooms?

Yes, you can support a decentralized room booking process with AskCody. Some users can request rooms with others empowered to approve their requests.

Learn more in this support article, user roles and membership hierarchy.

Need help improving managing meetings?

Achieve meeting excellence and improve operations with AskCody