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Simple prices,
no surprises

Get your organization started with AskCody for as low as $4,999/year  including all features and modules, reporting and analytics, maps, custom integrations, and advanced authentication and security.

How pricing works in 3 easy steps

1. Platform fee

A fixed fee for the entire AskCody Platform that includes everything from room and workspace bookings, service and visitor management, to workspace analytics.

This gives you access to all features in AskCody, including Bookings, Maps, Visitors, Displays, Mobile App, Services, and more.


2. Additional resources

Purchase additional room, workspace, and reception licenses to accommodate your organizational needs and volume. We aim to scale with you.

Talk with an expert on enterprise pricing. We're flexible on packages tailored for your organization.


3. Choose Service

Do you have time and unlimited resources available to implement your new solution? Then Basic support is for you.

If not, choose Premium Service so you can rely on our customer success team and their experience helping hundreds of companies implement, adopt, and run AskCody.

28% increase in utilization rate
23% reduction in end-to-end handling costs
49% less handling time for accounting
No surprises

The small print...
Just bigger

Value, right from the get-go

We believe the true value of AskCody is when the entire AskCody suite is brought together. When we say everyting is included from the very first license, we mean it!

We built our Platform to work seamlessly with all our modules and offerings, and they are simply better when combined. AskCody's Platform is designed to reduce complexity in your workplace, supporting office employees, admins, hospitality, catering, conference service teams, front desks, and visitors. That's why we want to provide you with access to all features right from the get-go, making it easy to get started.

We bill annually

You will be billed annually for your AskCody solution, and we will kindly notify you about your upcoming renewal 3 months before the end of your subscription period before renawal.


What's included in the Platform Fee?

A fixed fee for the entire AskCody Platform that includes room and workspace bookings, meetings service management, visitor management and workplace analytics for 1 reception, user licenses, desk and room booking for 5 rooms and 10 workspaces. That's where you start. And that includes Maps, Displays and Dashboards, too! 

All this sounds expensive, but...

AskCody comes at a price equal to you drinking a Hocus Pocus Frappuccino from Starbucks a day.

So, what are you waiting for?



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