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AskCody Meeting Management Software for your Organization

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Our plans bundle the most popular features together into consumable, easy-to-buy plans. Read this article to get a better understanding of features and pricing.

With AskCody you can belong to one of two pricing plans which consist of a specific set of features, Essentials or Advanced. That Plan will apply to your entire AskCody Platform and setup for your organization.

Download our Pricing Guide to get the full overview. All prices exclude VAT.


$20 17.5 room/mo $6 5 desk/mo


$40 35 room/mo $12 10 desk/mo


Choose the AskCody Add-ons* that completes the AskCody experience. 

*We provide only the software, not the hardware. 

Meeting Room Displays

$20 17.5 room/mo

Visitor Management

$199 160 lobby/mo


Select the Plans and Add-ons that adapt to the needs of your organization to help you reach your goals and outcomes faster. Hover the mouse on each feature to learn what's included in each plan. With AskCody you can choose between Essentials or Advanced for your entire organization. 

Overview of Meeting Rooms

Full overview of all meeting rooms, their capacity and their features across all your locations and at different time zones.

Meeting and event overview from Outlook and Microsoft 365

A complete and user-friendly overview of today's meetings planned and scheduled in Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Exchange, presented in an intuitive dashboard for meeting managers, booking managers, office managers, and meeting room owners.

Central overview of meetings in the Workplace with Central Management

A complete overview of what goes on at your workplace, how your meeting rooms are utilized, when meetings are happening, when visitors arrive, and if the right service is confirmed by the service vendor (some features requires Workplace Advanced).

Insights and Analytics with PowerBI

Measure meeting room or desk usage, capacity or time utilization, meeting duration and see leading indicators in a change of booking behavior

Reporting and advanced booking insights

Real-time utilization data, utilization reporting, and advanced analytics. Experience how your office space and meeting rooms or desk are being used with Workplace Insights.

Space utilization metrics and reports

See metrics that show when space is underutilized and can be scaled back or repurposed into more productive space.

Modern Add-in for room booking with Outlook and Microsoft 365

Room, workstations or workplace booking and reservation inside Outlook and Microsoft 365 with a modern Add-in for Outlook.

Advanced search for rooms and workstations

Search by attribute, purpose or context of a meeting room (e.g. video conference), special features, equipment and capabilities (room with a white board or projector), or search for a meeting room with a guaranteed minimum capacity.

Mobile App (iOS + Android) for Room Scheduling

Native mobile app for iOS and Android empowering employees to book and schedule meetings with ease on the go

Support for multiple locations and time zones

Search for and book rooms and desk across multiple locations and time zones. Multiple room booking supported for e.g. video conference rooms.

Meeting Services Requests and Vendor Booking

Order services from Service Vendors like Catering, Facility Services or Facilities Management right in Outlooks familiar interface.

Vendor Management console

Vendor Management console with comprehensive management capabilities for Service Vendors (Canteen, Facility Service, Facilities Management).

Clean up times, table arrangements and buffer time management

Setup and configure clean-up times, book only available table arrangements for specific rooms, and built-in buffer-time management.

Cost center management, tax reporting, and billing tracking

Cost center and billing tracking built-in. Bill your respective cost center directly, manage client matter numbers, and leverage user information from Active Directory.

Reporting capabilities for service vendors.

Extensive, built-in reporting capabilities for Service Vendors. Compiled or individual order reporting.

Data export and API

CSV exports for Cost Center or Billing Tracking for ERP systems  + API access.

Visitor Management console for receptionist

Visitor Management console for the Reception with comprehensive visitor management flows over overview.

Check-in, check-out and expected guest overview

Manage your visitor lists from the Management console in the reception. You can use it to check in visitors, add notes and keep track of check-ins, check-outs and expected guests.

Pre-registration of visitors from Outlook and Microsoft 365

Pre-registration of guests in Outlook and Microsoft 365. Always stay ahead of today's visitors and which meeting they are attending. Make it easy to guide visitors to the right room.

SMS and Email notifications

Employee and guest notification with Text and email.

Check-in screen incl. NDA signing

Add a visitor check-in screen to your visitor management configuration, and let guests check-in on self-service kiosks.

Real-time booking from display

Real-time room scheduling on meeting room displays. Display, book, end, extend or cancel meetings from integrated meeting room screen. Room displays are updated in real-time, showing meeting details and calendar changes the minute they happen. Walk up and know instantly if the room is available or if you're in the right place.

No-show capabilities, room check-in and confirmation

Track how many meetings get scheduled but never happen, which cuts into valuable collaboration time and wastes expensive room resources. Optionally require check-In for room bookings. Confirm meeting reservations to claim rooms with automatic cancellations of no-shows.

Error report faulty equipment

Error report faulty in-room equipment with automatic notification to Facilities Management (Requires Workplace Essentials).

Meeting Dashboards with full office/desk/room overview

Real-time office availability is visible to everyone on large dashboards and displays. Display what's happening in the office now, showcased on large displays you already have. Provide everyone with one complete overview of the day’s meeting activities on large overview screens.

Display App for iPad & selected Android POE displays

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Still not convinced?


Modern Add-ins for Outlook and Microsoft 365

Available modern Add-ins for Outlook and Microsoft 365 to centralize deployments and ensure consistent performance. No VSTO to mess up Outlook performance.

Runs on Microsoft Azure Built on Microsoft Azure, benefitting from Microsoft’s unmatched scale and experience running trusted enterprise cloud services around the globe.
Access to the World Class Customer Experience Team Access to the Customer Experience Team with Premium Services to ensure support based on all the ins-and-outs of your setup and use of AskCody. A true white glove experience helping you achieve your desired outcomes faster. According to users and customer, AskCody has the best in class support.

AskCody supports Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0), is TLS +1.2 compliant and manages credentials with Azure Key Vault. 


No need to re-assign scheduling permissions when you get started with AskCody. It adapts to your organization.

ACTIVE DIRECTORY AND AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY Seamless integration with Active Directory and Azure AD to perform user management, role provisioning and deployments.
EVERYTHING RUNS IN THE CLOUD AS A SAAS SOLUTION AskCody provides a 100% cloud-based experience, that allows flexible and scalable workplace management.

"Without AskCody, the search for meeting rooms would be difficult and a lot of resources would have been wasted. The municipality of Skanderborg is, therefore, more than happy for our AskCody installation and 100% satisfied." 

Jesper Imhof Skanderborg Kommune

"The product is lightweight, performs well, and have a great admin portal and dashboard.

We've been able to seamlessly replace our old solution with AskCody and have never regretted it. AskCody allows our users to take ownership of their meeting management."

Luke Schnoebelen Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP

"In Bestseller we use AskCody for booking and for visitor registration in several of our offices.

The integration works perfectly well with Microsoft 365 and the users need minimal training as it is very easy to use.

The visitor registration system is working perfectly for our receptions and includes very useful statistics that allow them to organize the meeting rooms available.

When there is any little issue, they have a fantastic Support service."

Manager Bestseller


This guide will explain how our platform, modules, and features translate into our pricing, plans, and add-ons.



Let AskCody take care of the heavy lifting of Meeting Management to let you free up time, focusing on the business