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1. Pick your plan


$249 room/year
Book & manage meetings
Modern Outlook add-in
Mobile app for booking
Grid view for all bookings
Meeting dashboards
Basic support
Native Exchange integration
SSO & AD user management
Utilization insights

Desks $72/year

The Essential plan helps you find meeting rooms and schedule meetings. It gives you an overview so you can stay in control.

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2. Choose your add-ons

Supercharge your AskCody plan with software for meeting room displays or a complete visitor management solution. 


$249 room/year
Professional first impression
Real-time room availability
book ad-hoc on-screen
Report faulty equipment

Room displays allow you to find unoccupied meeting rooms in seconds and prevent interruptions and booking misunderstandings, including driving better room utilization.

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$2499 lobby/year
Pre-registration via Outlook
Guests lists for receptionists
Notifications for hosts & guests
Check-in screens for self-service
Supercharge your front desk with the tools and overview they need to stay ahead and check-in visitors with ease. Providing a seamless check-in experience, and peace of mind for everyone who enters your office.

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3. Up your service

Do you have time and unlimited resources available for the implementation of your new solution? Then Basic support is for you. If not choose Premium Service, so you can rely on our customer success team and their experience of helping hundreds of companies implementing, adopting and running AskCody. 
Supercharge your AskCody solution with software for meeting room displays or a complete visitor management solution. 


Designed for customers who want to handle and manage the implementation of AskCody by themselves. A comprehensive implementation guide will guide you through each step of setting up, configuring, and deploying AskCody.

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I would love to show you AskCody

Understand how we can help you with your organizational needs

Our customers experience...
28% increase in utilization rate
23% reduction in end-to-end handling costs
49% less handling time for accounting
No surprises


One plan to rule them all

We see that customers get the most value when the entire organization is on the same Plan, sharing features and benefits. Therefore one organization can only select one plan for the entire Account.

Minimum # of rooms/licenses

We have a minimum 5 rooms/licenses a year resulting in a minimum price of $1,245 a year

Add-ons require a plan

Our Visitors and Displays add-ons can only be purchased in combination with an Essentials or Advanced plan


We bill annually

You will be billed annually for your AskCody solution, and you will be notified about renewal 3 months before the end of your contract period