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Visitor management system

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a software application that helps organizations manage and track visitors to their premises. The system replaces manual visitor sign-in sheets with an automated process that streamlines the visitor registration process while enhancing the security of the facility. The visitor management system enables users to capture and store visitor information, including their name, organization, and contact details, as well as the purpose and destination of their visit.

One of the benefits of a visitor management system is that it can be customized to meet the needs of the organization. For instance, users can set up the system to send visitors maps, directions, and Wi-Fi passwords in advance, which can help to save time and enhance the visitor experience. The system can also notify employees when their visitors arrive, and it can print out name tags or visitor badges to identify visitors while they are on site.

In addition to improving visitor experience, a visitor management system can help to maximize the security of the site. The system can be set up to conduct background checks on visitors and prevent unauthorized access to the facility. All check-ins and check-outs are securely stored and archived in a GDPR compliant Management Portal, which makes it easy for organizations to keep track of who has visited the site and when.

Overall, a visitor management system is an essential tool for organizations looking to improve their security and streamline their visitor registration process. By automating administrative tasks and providing real-time visibility into who is on site, a visitor management system enables organizations to focus on providing a safe and welcoming environment for their guests.


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