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Let's just for a moment assume you have bought into our Platform, convinced your stakeholders and sponsors, and are ready to plan the implementation of AskCody in your organization.

Whoohoo, welcome! But hey, what happens when you become an AskCody customer? 

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The 4 phases of a successful AskCody implementation

Before anything else, we will introduce you to our well-oiled, dedicated implementation team, ready to support you throughout your AskCody journey. Our international team of Customer Success Managers have real names like Colleen, Tommy, and Kim. You'll be met with our charming US east-coast or Danish accents.
A successful implementation requires planning, commitment, and strong sponsorship from your company’s executive team. Expect a comfortable and thorough implementation; we have done it with hundreds of customers before you.
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We'll help you get going with our field-tested implementation plan:
  • Plan & prepare
    In the first phase, you’ll identify your company’s workplace vision, goals, objectives, and metrics, as well as your resources, tools, and dependencies for success.
  • Set up & configure
    The next phase is to set up and configure the basics of AskCody, integrate with Microsoft Exchange and set up all modules across the Platform
  • Test & deployment
    The third phase is to get AskCody 'production-ready' by testing your configuration and setup and adding, inviting, and training end-users.
  • Training & adoption
    The last phase is to drive adoption; getting your users on board is critical. Here, you support your users and measure and encourage adoption.
Meeting journey mapping

Understanding your business and what you want to accomplish

Meeting journey mapping or business logic workshops is our structured approach to visualizing and designing the entire meeting process, from preparation and scheduling, to follow-up, to enhance the experience for all involved parties in meetings.
When meeting journey mapping is applied and integrated during the implementation of AskCody, it significantly enhances the value and effectiveness of the platform, leading to better meeting outcomes and overall organizational productivity.
Meeting journey mapping is the key to unlock the full potential of your workplace experience.

Read more on meeting journey mapping 
That sounds expensive

What does all of that cost?

When choosing Premium Services, all of this comes included, saving you the cost of expensive consultants and cutting time to value to the bone.

Premium Support is designed for all customers who want more personalized onboarding, implementation, 24/7 support, help with training, and faster and constant ROI.

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What our users think about
getting started with AskCody

Anthony MooreIT Director

"Not only is the AskCody product a really good product and the best one that fits our needs but working with everyone from our account executive to technical resources has been one of the best experiences we've had with a vendor."


Luke SchnoebelenDirector of Professional Development

"AskCody makes themselves available to us. With people all over the United States and across the globe, it can be a hassle to be met with "Sorry, but I'm busy" or "I have ten other calls today." But that is not the case with our AskCody project manager. She makes herself available, and everyone at AskCody is made available. The more senior technical people have also been in some of our meetings, even though they don't need to be."


Nora FurchnerProject Manager, Facility Management

"Our goal was to find a partner, who can hear our concerns, understand our requirements, support us in our project, and then provide a solution that best fits Olympus. AskCody has covered many of them. Working with AskCody means working with an actual familiar team that gives you great support. It is not only a business arrangement it is a partnership."


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