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We help your front desk keep a real-time overview and stay in control. Try AskCody cloud-based visitor management system.


Office front desk solution


When you are responsible for welcoming visitors, you need to be prepared, have a streamlined process, and a full overview, so you can give your guests a white glove experience.

Get off on the right foot, even before visitors arrive with pre-registration in Outlook or Microsoft 365. AskCody cloud based visitor management system will automatically send directions and information about the building. When guests arrive at the front door of your office, they check in with an elegant touch screen experience or by the receptionist.

The data from their Outlook contact record will autofill the necessary forms, eliminating the need to hand over a driver’s license and negotiate correct spelling. You can automatically print guest badges, and WiFi access for visitors can be sent by email or SMS.


Keep an overview and stay in control

We help you keep an overview of expected guests and their check-in time so you can plan your day. You can also see who and how many visitors are in-house today, who will be in tomorrow, or have been in the past. 

Pre-registering guests, automated check-in flows, badge printing, NDA signing, and notifications all help you stay in control.

Explore the features in the AskCody Management Portal

AskCody: Cloud based Visitor Management solution.

Automate manual and tedious tasks

Set automated confirmations and notifications to help your guests arrive well-informed and geared with directions, instructions, WiFi codes, assigned parking spaces, etc.

A check-in by you, or a self-check-in by the visitor will instantly notify the host of their arrival by email and SMS. HSE surveys and NDA documents can also be streamlined in this process. 

Learn how to use the Visitor Management Portal

A cloud based full complete Visitor Management System by AskCody.

Pre-register guests in Outlook and Microsoft 365

Let meeting organizers pre-register guests in Outlook by adding visitors’ names and email adresses in the scheduled meeting, giving front desk accurate information about the visitors prior to check-in. 

No more GDPR sensitive paper check-in lists and misspelled name tags.

See how to pre-register guests in Outlook


Self-service check-in

You can check-in a guest and print a badge with one click in the visitor management portal, easy as that. You can also set-up a check-in kiosk where guests can self-check-in. 

Why would you want to do that? For instance, to supplement your reception, when having large groups visiting, or when hosting events. Also, to off-load at peak hours, or to have your back when you managed to squeeze in that well-deserved coffee break.

Discover a seamless check-in process

Visitor check-in on kiosk with AskCody cloud based system.
Your right hand for the best possible guest experience


You keep things running smoothly around your office – what would they do without you? You are wearing many different hats, your task list is endless, and often things seem to happen all at the same time. With a little bit of help from the cloud based visitor management system from AskCody, you can be in full control and have an overview like no one else. 

Optimize visitor experience

With Insights on Visitors you get valuable data making it easier to get an overview of how your receptions are managed across locations. This enables you to optimize and streamline your visitor experience.

Combine Visitor insights with insights on Bookings and Services and you will be able to streamline the entire meeting process.

Insights are based on Microsoft Power BI and available in our portal. You can also export the data to your preferred reporting tools.

Discover AskCody Insights and Analytics

Visitor Insights in a cloud based solution by AskCody.

We have your back

We are the extra set of hands you can rely on  every day. We prepare you for the day and provide the best possible overview.

With pre-registered guests, automated notification flows, one real-time overview of expected and current visitors, you are in control.

Due to the way we are built, native to Outlook and Exchange, we eliminate synchronisation issues and double bookings.

Reception check-in visitor in AskCody visitor management system.

Made to empower you

Nabil ZerdaziIT Project Manager


"The AskCody Outlook add-ins provide us capabilities to easily book rooms, request services, and manage visitors from Outlook while linking them with the Outlook calendar invitation."

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Dale PollockConference Services Manager


"The benefit of AskCody is that we are all a lot more prepared. The receptionists are not struggling to gather visitor information, which has streamlined the whole process and made it much easier for the receptionist and a better experience for our visitors.

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Common questions about
Visitor Management System

How can receptionists get an overview of daily activities?

Inside the AskCody Management Portal, receptionists can get a complete overview of:

  • Arriving guests
  • All meetings
  • Groups for the day
  • Notes for visitors (special needs)

This will empower your front desk team to prepare for daily tasks while making sure guests will get a white glove experience visiting the site.

What notification will be sent before, during, and after the guest arrive?

With Visitor Management you can choose to have a couple of notifications for email and SMS before, during, and after the arrival of guests: 

Before arrival - Guests can receive an email or SMS with information about parking rules, WiFi password, and company rules & guidelines. 

Upon arrival - Guests can check in through their phone or in the reception. This will notify the meeting host about the guest's arrival. You can set up notifications to who you would like, this could be notifying a PA or other stakeholders in the organization.

After arrival - Guests can choose to check out at the reception or through their phone after the meeting has ended. 


Remember you can personalize all notifications to fit your tone-of-voice creating a great experience for visitors. 

Do AskCody support badge printing and NDA signing?

Yes, you can do badge printing with the AskCody Visitor Management system. The data is pulled from the Outlook meeting invitation, which means: 

  • No more misspelled name tags
  • Automatic print of visitor labels

You can also automatically print NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) for your guests to sign. Your visitors are thereby legally obligated not to disclose information shared at the property.  

Can you anonymize visitor data?

Yes, you can automatically anonymize visitor data to comply with GDPR regulations and ensure important certifications such as ISO. 

Read more about AskCody GDPR rules here


We have a close collaboration with Microsoft, and our platform is 100% integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Outlook. No need for manual processes or outdated third-party tools, unintegrated Sharepoint sites, or paper-based booking. Everything works within the familiar Outlook and Office interface. We have based the AskCody meeting room booking system on modern integrations into Exchange and built everything on Microsoft Azure. 

Learn more about how we integrate to Exchange and Microsoft 365 in our knowledge base.

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