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Office front desk solution


Get off on the right foot, even before visitors arrive with pre-registration in Outlook or Microsoft 365. AskCody visitor management system will automatically send directions and information about the building. When guests arrive at the front door of your office, they check in with an elegant touch screen experience or by the receptionist.

The data from their Outlook contact record will autofill the necessary forms, eliminating the need to hand over a driver’s license and negotiate correct spelling. You can automatically print guest badges, and WiFi access for visitors can be sent by email or SMS.


First impressions matter


Meet your guest's expectations and impress visitors with an easy-to-use check-in and visitor management system

In your visitor check-in process, visitors can be added directly from Outlook and sent maps, directions, and the WIFI password in advance. Staff will be automatically notified of their arrival. 

All check-ins are securely stored and archived in a GDPR compliant Management Portal. Security notification, name tag printing for visitor signs, and follow-up can all be automated, freeing up time to focus on your guests.
Efficient Visitor Check-In


The Visitor Management part of the AskCody Platform is an intuitive, modern, and professional visitor management solution that enhances the front desk processes and visitor experiences.

You have built-in automated check-in flows, badge printing, NDA-signing, and notification capabilities. All fully GDPR compliant. 

The front desk visitor management system provides a full overview of all guests in the building at any given time, including unexpected guests. The visitor experience is made simple for all parties with AskCody's seamless integration to Outlook and Microsoft 365. You can also add Check-in Kiosk to reduce the workload from front desk personnel and create an improved experience for visitors and employees.

Go Paperless


This is the best solution for updating an existing paper-based visitor management process. AskCody automatically generates daily reports that can be printed and distributed to current stakeholders while leveling up the technology on the back end.

This enables you to support a current-gen workflow with next-gen visitor management automation and workplace analytics.

For example, when a visitor arrives they can check in on a tablet; they will be presented with any relevant forms to sign, like NDAs , and notifies the person they are visiting about the guest’s arrival.


Completely Integrated in Outlook 

ADDAdd visitors to the guest list from Outlook
PREPAREPrepare for today’s visitors using the front desk tool
PRINTPrints guest badges and get access to the security report
SENDSend instructions and reminders automatically
Stay ahead


Make a positive first impression when welcoming guests, increase the efficiency of your front desk, and give guests a quality, white-glove experience with a robust visitor management system.

You can also learn more with 11 ways to optimize front desk resources and improve visitor satisfaction.

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What is visitor management, and why do I need it at my front desk?

Visitor management refers to the process of managing visitors to a facility, typically through a software system that streamlines the check-in and check-out process. Visitor management is important for front desk personnel because it helps to increase efficiency, improve security, and enhance the visitor experience.

With AskCody visitor management organizations can pre-register guests in Outlook, thereby preparing the reception for upcoming guests while sending visitors important notifications about parking, Wi-Fi, regulations etc.

How does AskCody's visitor management solution work?

AskCody's visitor management solution is a cloud-based software platform that allows front desk personnel to manage visitor check-ins and check-outs from a management portal.

With AskCody Outlook add-ins meeting bookers can pre-register guests before they arrive. By registering guests in Outlook, they can receive customized notifications on mail or phone with information your organization deems essential. 

Upon arrival visitors can check in through their phone, using a self-service check-in kiosk/tablet, or manually in the reception.

The system can also print visitor badges and send automatic notifications to hosts when their visitors arrive.

Can AskCody Visitor Management integrate with other software systems?

Yes, AskCody's visitor management integrates with a variety of other software systems. Most notable is the native integration with your Microsoft 365 environment which is the backbone for all data. AskCody is a 100% native Microsoft-based software. 


Yes, with delegated access or shared access to calendars as configured in Microsoft Outlook.

Delegated Access gives access to the entire account, including calendars and email.

Shared Access gives access to calendars (i.e. can't send emails on behalf of other people).

Which languages does AskCody support? The AskCody Platform is available in a major language of your choice.
  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Dutch

  • Norwegian

  • Swedish 

  • Danish 

  • Finnish

  • Italian 
  • Japanese
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