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A Microsoft-based solution


 Less planning, more getting things done. Streamline your workflow and maximize productivity with AskCody's meeting room booking software integrated with Microsoft 365 on Mobile, Room Displays, and modern Add-ins for Outlook. 

Recognized as the #1 solution on Microsoft's AppSource, we are dedicated to being the ultimate choice for meeting room booking systems tailored specifically for Microsoft-based solutions.

  • 100% integrated with Microsoft Outlook. AskCody utilizes your existing Microsoft calendar system and Exchange backbone
  • Search for meeting rooms, guest offices, and hotdesks across multiple locations and time zones
  • Set room criteria, like a whiteboard, airtame etc
  • Book catering, equipment, and other services directly in Outlook
Meeting management made easy


Finding an available conference room or desk has never been easier.

AskCody meeting management software for Microsoft lets you search for all meeting spaces and desks across multiple locations, right inside your already familiar interface of Outlook.

We use the familiarity of Outlook and Microsoft 365 to seamlessly let users book the office spaces they need. Users can reserve spaces via our modern add-ins or Outlook room finder. This creates a meeting ID that lets users or admins add service requests, guest information, and handle expenses seamlessly.

With intelligent room booking, service, visitor, and analytics modules AskCody is empowering your workplace to maximize utilization and productivity. And it is all 100% integrated with your existing IT structure within Azure and Exchange. 

We are providing enterprises worldwide with an all-in-one room finder and meeting room booking platform built on and for Microsoft Outlook. Built for meeting excellence. 

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AskCody app for iOS and Android


The AskCody app brings simplicity to your workday. Giving you the tool to quickly schedule office space and manage your room bookings on the go.

The mobile app is a true timesaver in your workday. It gives you an overview of your meeting activities and helps you find office spaces in seconds.

You no longer need to search the office for what’s available. The app gives you a complete overview of all free rooms and workstations one click away.

Meeting Room Displays and Dashboards


 As part of the AskCody solution, we offer Meeting Room Display and Dashboard software that works seamlessly with your Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Exchange resources.

Have all workspace bookings on display increasing your meeting utilization while eliminating the hassle of meeting no-shows & meeting room crashers.

Get a modern look and feel for your workplace with an instant birds-eye overview for staff and visitors. You can even report faulty in-room equipment from the tablet display and see availability at a glance.

One central hub


 Workplace Central gives conference services managers and office admins a central hub to manage office services and room scheduling in the modern workplace.

This module gives you the power to run a modern workplace with daily events and meetings at-a-glance and all the answers you need about guests and associated services at your fingertips.

Give yourself a complete overview of all the events happening in your modern workplace with real-time data on how meeting rooms are utilized, scheduling information, and catering deliveries status.

AskCody Workplace Central is the tool for your smart office.

+10 years of meeting excellence


With the AskCody meeting room software for Outlook and Microsoft 365, Managing the workplace becomes easy, because it brings all pieces together - so you can focus on the content and the participants. 

With more than 10 years on the market, the AskCody platform has proven to be the right answer for more than 500 enterprises worldwide, wanting to streamline and automate resource management processes across their organization. From large corporate offices, to financials, law firms and other professional service companies.

The AskCody meeting room booking system for Microsoft 365 harmonizes and consolidates your booking experience from A to Z. It leverages your Microsoft 365 as its backbone, and helps you find suitable meeting rooms, desks, and other bookable resources, across multiple locations with ease. It makes it easy for you to integrate sustainable conference room etiquette


Meeting management logistics


Your employees will love AskCody. We are enabling business support functions to excel by ensuring that receptions, service teams, and facilities management are provided with the tools they need to create an effective workplace. Optimizing their time and bandwidth. 

Because often things change, and when they do, AskCody will do the heavy lifting for you. It is designed to be simple to learn, and easy to use, without compromising on advanced capabilities. And whether you have an all-hands, remote or hybrid work style. AskCody is always there putting you in control, anytime, anywhere

How do you optimize the use of your square meters while maintaining an amazing workplace experience? How do you stimulate collaboration and well-being in a hybrid environment? The world has changed, and workplace trends have accelerated. And that comes with its challenges. AskCody provides you with the analytics needed to gain knowledge, insights and make data-driven decisions from one single source of truth. 

Investing in a room booking system like AskCody means starting right for future-proof meeting booking and resource management, that can easily grow and scale over time as your needs change. It means starting with a booking software that we constantly upgrade and improve to make it better, safer, and more intuitive.

Make an informed decision


Investing in a meeting room booking system like AskCody can help you optimize your meeting planning and management process, while also providing valuable analytics and insights to help you make data-driven decisions. With its seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and 365, as well as its mobile app and Meeting Room Displays and Dashboards, AskCody is a comprehensive solution that can streamline your meeting planning and help you maintain an amazing workplace experience.

We are here to help guide you. And we would love to show you AskCody. 


Why do I need Meeting Management software when I already have Outlook or Microsoft 365?  Meeting scheduling is a routine activity in the workplace. However, it is a complicated and time-consuming process for many organizations and meeting managers, assistants, facility managers and all involved in meeting planning.

Meeting planners can easily spend more time scheduling the meeting than the duration of the meeting itself. On average, a meeting can take 15 minutes to book. Moreover, this might not even include ordering associated services like catering, a table arrangement, AV equipment, or contacting facilities management to ensure that the right IT equipment is onsite and operating in the room. Now add the time spent on booking a desk, workstation, huddle room, focus room, or just some space for that project meeting next week your hosting.

Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 operates along two dimensions when it comes to meetings:

1: Availability of attendees 

2: Availability of rooms

However, meeting scheduling is so much more than attendees and the place to meet. It's a lot of to-do's, manual micro processes and related tasks that are not supported natively by Outlook and that involves a lot of other vital parts of the organization like Facilities Management, the Canteen, the Reception, or IT.

With a meeting room booking system integrated with outlook, you can accomplish everything you needed to achieve with Exchange and Outlook in the first place.

Why do I need an integrated Meeting Management solution with Exchange and Active Directory? Why can't I just use a 3rd. Party tool with a separate database?  With the need for enhanced scheduling capabilities with Outlook or Microsoft 365, organizations end up spending significant time and money to set up an entirely separate system to hosts their bookings or reservations and provide the enhanced scheduling capabilities required by their end-users.

This process can take 6-18 months to complete only to result in synchronization challenges between Exchange and Outlook, your separate meeting management system, and your various providers (Facilities Management, Catering, etc.). Moreover, now IT has to manage and maintain a new system in their workplace technology stack that's not integrated into their Microsoft backbone or Active Directory.

With AskCody, your meeting room booking system integrated with outlook, customers no longer have to manage two or more separate systems. Having a meeting reservation exists only in one place (Exchange) eliminates the inconsistent synchronization challenges and frustration caused by having the same booking live in two areas (i.e., Outlook and a separate SQL-based solution). AskCody manages users in Active Directory or Azure AD for easy control of access, roles, and deployment.

And don't forget - it's all cloud based.

Does AskCody software integrate with both Outlook and Microsoft 365?  Yes, it indeed does. Natively.

We have a close collaboration with Microsoft, and our platform is 100% integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Outlook. No need for manual processes or outdated third-party tools, unintegrated Sharepoint sites, or paper-based booking. Everything works within the familiar Outlook and Office interface. We have based the AskCody meeting room booking system on modern integrations into Exchange and built everything on Microsoft Azure. 

Learn more about how we integrate to Exchange and Microsoft 365 on our knowledge base.

What happens to my catering or services order when meetings are cancelled​ or rescheduled?  Catering, services and additional resources follow your meeting. That's one of the best parts. We call it follow the meeting intelligence.

Meetings are canceled, rescheduled, postponed, or relocated all the time. That’s why all the assigned resources such as catering, AV and telepresence, meeting room equipment, and table arrangements follow the meeting if it is rescheduled. If a meeting is canceled, the assigned resources will be released automatically. The kitchen or the AV provider will be notified immediately from the AskCody Management Portal.

How does vendors or service providers work with AskCody?

AskCody is not just Outlook add-ins or meeting room booking system features. It's a complete Platform with a backend designed to make the meeting experience more efficient and effective than ever for providers of meeting services, office managers, facilities managers and real estate owners.

Office Managers can use the AskCody room reservation system to manage additional resources, workflows, items, bookings of corporate kitchens and canteens, and accept or reject bookings. Kitchen and facility managers can view at a glance what they need and how many people need meeting services, as well as the location. Now they have an instant one-stop interface with an updated overview in real-time.

Can data be exported? And what about cost center management or tax management for external meetings?  With AskCody you get the data you need when you need it.

Your IT or Finance department will love the ease-of-use associated with the data export in AskCody. Data is simply exported to incorporate with accounting, databases, and ERP through simple CSV exports or by leveraging the AskCody API. 

What languages do AskCody support?

The AskCody Platform is available in major languages of your choice.

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Dutch
  • Norwegian

  • Swedish 

  • Danish 

  • Finnish

  • Italian
  • Japanese

We would love to show you AskCody

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