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We help you find the best place to meet, order meeting services and invite visitors directly from your familiar interface in Outlook.  

An all-in-one


Less planning, more getting things done.

Streamline your workflows and maximize productivity with AskCody's meeting room booking software integrated with Microsoft 365 on Mobile, Room Displays, and Modern Add-ins for Outlook. 

Recognized as the #1 solution on Microsoft's AppSource, we are dedicated to being the ultimate choice for meeting room booking systems tailored specifically for Microsoft-based solutions.

  • 100% integrated with Microsoft Outlook. AskCody utilizes your existing Microsoft calendar system and Exchange backbone
  • Search for meeting rooms, guest offices, and hotdesks across multiple locations and time zones
  • Set room criteria, like a whiteboard, airtame etc
  • Book catering, equipment, and other services directly in Outlook

What are the benefits of using a meeting room
booking system in Outlook?

Above 70% of companies book meetings and invite attendees using Microsoft Outlook. Instead of having a separate meeting room booking system outside Outlook, why not keep all your meeting and reservation data inside your Microsoft environment. 

With AskCody, you avoid 2 people booking a 12-seat conference room by helping them find the right room for their need. You give them access to request and manage services like catering, table arrangement, IT equipment, etc. You furthermore allow them to send a visitor list and automate the guest registration process. 

And because your room booking system is built on Microsoft 365 leveraging Exchange, you get access to reports from Power-BI to analyze utilization and workplace performance. And you get the power and security from Microsoft Azure. 


It does not matter if you book a meeting for yourself, or on behalf of others. With three simple steps in your Outlook calendar, you set AskCody's room booking system to work, interfacing with meeting participants, guests, and service providers for you. 

And when things change, you only need to move the meeting in Outlook, and we will do the heavy lifting for you. We call it “follow-the-meeting–logic”, and you'll love it.


Find the right place to meet

Create a new event, add participants, and video conference link, like you are used to in Outlook.

Using our native Bookings add-in, you find the right room for your meeting, for instance, based on size and purpose, or it has the right equipment available.

You can also use our mobile app to book, extend and cancel resources in advance or ad-hoc, as well as book desks, guest offices, cars, bikes, and parking.

Learn more about meeting room scheduling in Outlook




Order meeting services

Use our native add-in to add services to your scheduled meetings in Outlook.

Get a real-time list of available items for that room, automatically honoring restrictions, and preparation time set by your service providers. The only thing you have to do is select it and schedule your calendar request.

Cost centers or client matter numbers for general ledger can be added to ease administrative processes. 

Learn more about meeting catering and services


Invite visitors, notify reception

We automatically recognize external guests, and via the add-in, you can notify reception of their arrival.

We will automatically send fully customizable e-mails and SMS, reminding you of the meeting, providing directions and parking instructions, and that WIFI code everyone is always asking for.

Upon arrival, your visitors will be prepared, you as a host will be notified, and the reception will be ready to welcome them. 

Learn more about Visitor Management


Key benefits


AskCody offers an all-in-one meeting room booking system natively integrated with Outlook and Microsoft 365 helping you manage services, meetings, and visitors using your own Microsoft infrastructure. AskCody works as an intelligent layer on top of your Exchange and Azure infrastructure effectively utilizing your calendar resources to make it easy to find the right room for your meeting, requests services for meetings, and send visitor list to your reception. 

We help you standardize and automate your meeting processes. Providing you with a better overview, less manual work, and elimination of synchronization issues. 

Manage meetings and services

Workplace Central gives you a single grid overview of meetings, associated services, and shared meeting notes allowing you to operate your workplace with ease and stay in control of what goes on, where, and when. 

It will make your office admins and conference service managers shine by quickly and effectively solving meeting challenges before they turn into serious issues and last-minute conflicts.

Learn more about Workplace Central

Workplace Central header image - your room booking system built for microsoft


meeting room dashboard and meeting room display


Meeting Room Displays and Dashboards

Along with the Outlook meeting room booking system, we offer Meeting Room Displays and Dashboard software that works seamlessly with your Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Exchange resources.

You can have all workspace bookings on display, increasing your meeting utilization while eliminating the hassle of meeting no-shows and meeting room crashers. 

Get a modern look and feel for your workplace with an instant bird ' s-eye overview for staff and visitors. You can even report faulty in-room equipment from the tablet display and see availability at a glance.

Show me all about Displays and Dashboards

Optimize your workspaces

With insights for Bookings, you get valuable data to see how your meeting rooms and desks are used across locations. They are giving you the tools to optimize your office space. 

Insights are based on Microsoft PowerBI and are available in our portal. You can see insights on Bookings, Services, and Visitors, enabling you to streamline the meeting process.

You can also export the data to your preferred reporting tools.

Learn more about insights and analytics for your workplace

Meeting room booking system for your office

Don't just take our word for it

Nabil ZerdaziIT Project Manager


"By using askcody our employees are able to manage the end-to-end process of organizing their own meeting in Microsoft Outlook, and easily find a workspace that will perfectly fit their needs."

Read the Olympus Case Study



Jennie DePhillipsTraining Manager


"The system can be explained in a clear, logical, and relevant way, and assist even computer-phobic partners in feeling comfortable with handling meeting bookings." 

Read the Burns & Levinson Case Study



Anthony MooreDirector of IT


"With AskCody employees can now book rooms and request services themselves, and it gives them a kind of self-service aspect where they can take control of their own meetings." 

Read the Burke Warren Case Study



Dale PollockConference Services Manager


"The fact that admins can manage each reservation for a room and each request that is needed for that event or meeting all under one roof, really helped a lot with organizing"

Read the Eversheds Sutherland Case Study

Jesper_Skanderborg kommune
Jesper Imhof RosendahlIT Project Manager


"Now users can quickly find a vacant room and book spontaneous meetings directly on a tablet just outside the meeting room. It gives users peace of mind." 

Read the Skanderborg Municipality Case Study



Common questions about AskCody
room booking system

Why do I need a Meeting Management solution built for Microsoft? Meeting scheduling is a routine activity in the workplace. However, it is a complicated and time-consuming process for many organizations meeting managers, assistants, facility managers and all involved in meeting planning.

Meeting planners can easily spend more time scheduling the meeting than the duration of the meeting itself. On average, a meeting can take 15 minutes to book. Moreover, this might not even include ordering associated services like catering, a table arrangement, AV equipment, or contacting facilities management to ensure that the right IT equipment is onsite and operating in the room. Now add the time spent on booking a desk, workstation, huddle room, focus room, or just some space for that project meeting you are hosting next week.

Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 operates along two dimensions when it comes to meetings:

1: Availability of attendees 

2: Availability of rooms

However, meeting scheduling is so much more than attendees and the place to meet. It's a lot of to-do's, manual micro-processes and related tasks that are not supported natively by Outlook and involve many other vital parts of the organization like Facilities Management, the Canteen, the Reception, or IT.

With the need for enhanced scheduling capabilities with Outlook or Microsoft 365, organizations end up spending significant time and money to set up an entirely separate system to hosts their bookings or reservations and provide the enhanced scheduling capabilities required by their end-users.

This process can take 6-18 months to complete only to result in synchronization challenges between Exchange and Outlook, your separate meeting management system, and your various providers (Facilities Management, Catering, etc.). Moreover, now IT has to manage and maintain a new system in their workplace technology stack that's not integrated into their Microsoft backbone or Active Directory.

All you need is a meeting room booking system integrated with Outlook, so you can accomplish everything you need to achieve with Exchange and Outlook in the first place.

With AskCody, your meeting room booking system is integrated with outlook, therefore customers no longer have to manage two or more separate systems. Having a meeting reservation exists only in one place (Exchange) eliminates the inconsistent synchronization challenges and frustration caused by having the same booking live in two areas (i.e., Outlook and a separate SQL-based solution). AskCody manages users in Active Directory or Azure AD for easy control of access, roles, and deployment.

And don't forget - it's all cloud based.

Does AskCody software integrate with Outlook? Yes, it indeed does. Natively.

We have a close collaboration with Microsoft, and our platform is 100% integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Outlook. No need for manual processes or outdated third-party tools, unintegrated Sharepoint sites, or paper-based booking. Everything works within the familiar Outlook and Office interface. We have based the AskCody meeting room booking system on modern integrations into Exchange and built everything on Microsoft Azure. 

Learn more about how we integrate to Exchange and Microsoft 365 on our knowledge base.

Can data be exported? And what about cost center management or tax management for external meetings? With AskCody you get the data you need when you need it.

Your IT or Finance department will love the ease-of-use associated with the data export in AskCody. Data is simply exported to incorporate with accounting, databases, and ERP through simple CSV exports or by leveraging the AskCody API.

can I control who is able to book rooms?

Yes, you can support a decentralized room booking process with AskCody. Some users can request rooms, with others empowered to approve their requests.

You can learn more about user roles and membership hierarchy in this support article.


Yes, withdelegated access or shared access to calendars as configured in Microsoft Outlook.

Delegated Access gives access to the entire account, including calendars and email.

Shared Access gives access to calendars (i.e. can't send emails on behalf of other people).

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