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The Meeting Management Platform built for Microsoft Outlook

Driving Workspace Efficiency by Removing Excess Friction
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AskCody is a Meeting Management and Resource Scheduling Platform that’s driving meeting efficiency through advanced Meeting Room BookingMeeting ServicesVisitor Management, and Workplace Insights helping organizations and employees manage meetings smarter.

  • Most Microsoft
  • Most Enterprise
  • Most Cloud
  • Most Structured and Integrated
  • Most Sophisticated
AskCody is native to Microsoft Exchange. Built in and with Microsoft Azure. Providing insights and analytics powered with Microsoft Power BI. And delivered with Modern Add-ins for Microsoft 365 (No VSTO to mess up Outlook performance).
AskCody is secure, scalable, compliant, and reliant. Fully GDPR compliant with ISAE 3000 report on compliance. AskCody is built with enterprise-grade requirements in mind. 
AskCody is delivering a true cloud-first platform providing a superior time to value. No on-prem installations or update/maintenance issues.

AskCody is one platform; a true one-stop-shop for meeting, integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Thereby providing a single source of truth, while keeping your system record (Exchange) clean.

The AskCody Platform handles and manage sophisticated, complex, and advanced processes and workflows, policies, and rules creating streamlined, internal processes. The Platform is built for enterprises and handles multi locations and multiple time zones out of the box.


Understand how the AskCody platform may help you in your organizational needs and help you increase the overall productivity in the workplace.
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Gartner: AskCody is one of the market-leading vendors

 Learn about the leading vendors of Meeting Management. AskCody is named one of the market-leading vendors of the Meeting Management category by Gartner

Managers and Executives can use the Gartner Market Guide to compare market-leading vendors or Resource Scheduling and Meeting Management solutions to select the tools that make finding and reserving space and services more efficient for employees.

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500+ Customers
20,000,000 Meetings
500,000+ Users

"We’re using AskCody to allow our population to easily and confidently book rooms across all of our offices, giving them the ability to do it themselves, Adding some of the technical details, kind of removing the middle person, and giving the power to the end-user. "

Lucas Schnoebelen Manager Learning and Development
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