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The AskCody Mobile App - Bring simplicity to your workday

It doesn't get any bigger than this! The AskCody Mobile App is available in App Store and we are proud to finally show you!

It is packed with cool ways of bringing simplicity to your workday, so you easily can schedule your meetings and keep track of your workday on the go. 

The AskCody App for iOS is the newest member of our Room Booking module, which provides you with a complete and simple overview of your workday. The app notifies if you have pending meeting invitations as well as informing if no rooms have been added to your meetings - ensuring that you and your coworkers always have a place to meet and collaborate.

Watch the video and see the requirements in the following.

AskCody new import and export function on host list with differentiators.

It is now possible to easily detect all name duplicates in the host list in the Visitor Management Portal via the new export function, and create differentiators on those hosts who have the same name.

Commonly in larger companies, employees can have the same First and Last name, and this can sometimes create confusion in the reception when you don't know which John Smith to choose in the host list.

Access AskCody data in Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

In the previous post about the new Workplace Insights, we mentioned that Insights would be released in two steps:

The AskCody Workplace Insights

We are very proud to announce the release of the new Workplace Insights!

The new Workplace Insights is simple, intuitive, and arms you with complex data presented in beautiful dashboards for an easy and efficient way to make business decisions on optimizing office space and facilities services. It helps you learn and compare to understand the specific needs for room types and equipment across each company division or location.

Hide notified status label in the Visitor Management Platform

In the AskCody Visitor Management Portal, it's now possible to hide the “notified” label on an expected visitor and keep the visitors sorted by expected arrival time.

When a visitor is expected at a reception the visitor is labeled as “Expected” in the Portal and when the Portal sends out an email or an SMS to notify the visitor about their arrival, the visitor status label changes to “Notified”. This means the “Notified” visitor will move down the list, and if you have sorted the visitor list by “Expected” visitors, you don’t have the overview of who is expected to arrive soon. With the new functionality to hide the "notified" status you can keep the visitors sorted by expected time of arrival regardless of them being "notified".

Crestron Display with AskCody solution

We are happy to announce that the AskCody Meeting Room display software now comes pre-installed on the Crestron high-end meeting room displays. This means that AskCody is available as a turn key, plug and play solution when you buy a Crestron display, making it easy to get started. 

Crestron displays are known for their enterprise-grade reliability and we have worked closely together to establish a premium bond between the AskCody software platform and Crestron displays making meeting room management easy and smart. 

Tax information fields in AskCody meeting service emails

We have now solved an important issue so that it's possible to hide sensitive tax informations in confirmation and notification emails sent from the AskCody Meeting Service platform. Tax information fields* comes in a variety of types and are individually created and customized by the organization. Some of the informations typed in tax fields can be sensitive and should not be visible in emails.

E.g.,You have a Tax field called "Credit card number" or "External attendees emails", that your employees need to fill out when ordering services for their meeting. These informations could be sensitive and should not be sent out in an email. 

With the option "Tax information in emails", it is possible to disable specific tax fields in emails to prevent sensitive informations from being shown.  

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