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Learn how meeting and conference rooms performs and are utilized in your workplace. See how

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Instantly enhance productivity and room utilization by AskCody Insights. Workplace Insights delivers analytics, data and reports to ease facilities management’s work and optimize resources (rooms/desks/workstations) in your entire workplace.

Built with Microsoft Power BI


  • Key features
  • The full picture of how each room, hot desk, or other workspace is utilized
  • Daily reports of key metrics about meetings, attendees, occupancy
  • Quantifiable data based on valuable meeting room metrics
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Based on original data from Exchange Server and Exchange Online
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Take control and make the most of your meeting space with AskCody Insights

Insights is simple and efficient, arms you with complex data but keeps things simple for efficient business decisions to optimize office space and facilities services.

It helps you learn and compare to understand the specific needs for room types and equipment across each company division or location.

With detailed filtering and data export you can create customized reports on your specific rooms, facilities, locations, equipment and purposes, and export data to Excel to easily combine Insights data with other datasets.

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Understand how your workplace is performing with workplace analytics

Insights offers quantifiable data that shows how your workspace performs when it comes to meetings and meeting rooms. See your office and meeting rooms in full context with all available data about utilization so you can optimize available spaces across the entire organization. Dig deeper into meeting analytics and conference room activity with daily reporting of key metrics such as meetings and occupancy, no-shows and ghost meetings, meeting duration, and attendees.

Insights let you go deeper into conference room activity with daily reporting of key metrics such as meetings and occupancy, no-shows and ghost meetings, meeting duration, and attendees.

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Become data-driven and enhance room utilization now

Make decisions based on data, not your gut feelings. Control or regulate meeting room booking behavior, optimize resources and capacity, and improve room utilization. This is a better way to manage your meeting spaces and bookable resources, like workstations or hot desk.

AskCody Insights lets you understand what your employees are looking for and arms you with data to understand how your office space and meeting rooms are actually used.

More about Insights and Analytics

Get the full picture of how each room, hot desk, or other workspace is being utilized

With Insights, it's easy to learn how meeting rooms perform and how you can better optimize the overall workplace regarding supporting the needs for places to meet and collaborate. Leading indicators and trends show you how meeting behavior change over time, and let you adapt and improve to changing times. 

Learn the specific needs of each company division or location

One department might need a conference set up for board meetings while another might require a Skype Room setup. Some rooms need a speakerphone and some need video conference. Some need flip overs, some whiteboards, and others the ability to change table arrangements. 

Knowing your employee's needs will increase the overall efficiency of your entire office space.

Get to know which rooms and equipment are the most popular, and when to consolidate or expand them

Discover which of your organization’s rooms are under- or over-utilized. Knowing which rooms are most used, which are always free, and which of the technologies you have available are most used by meeting organizers helps companies improve their overall workspaces.

Insights let you understand what your employees are looking for an arm you with data to know how your office space and meeting rooms are used. It offers you clarity, delivering precise metrics on what’s happening in your meeting rooms. From the front desk to facilities management, facility service, to meeting room users, everyone wins with Insights.

AskCody Insights integrate with the Exchange Server or Microsoft 365

Like the rest of the AskCody Meeting Room Management Suite, Insights leverages data from your Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, or Microsoft 365. We can even go back in time to see how utilization was before AskCody.

When your employees use Outlook, Microsoft 365 to book meetings, it generates data.

Data is extracted from your Microsoft Exchange resources, and reports are built automatically. You don’t have to extract or export Outlook meetings into Excel spreadsheets to understand meeting room utilization anymore. After all, up to 40% of an organization’s knowledge workers time is spent in meetings, based on Microsoft statistics.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to review the meeting analytics to ensure that time is well spent and in balance with your Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Strategy. 

There are all types of meetings taking place throughout your office every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you had workplace analytics insights, whenever and wherever you needed it?

Understand your Workplace utilization

With the learnings from this eBook, you can take control of your meeting rooms today with a meeting room analytics tool.

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"Important thing for us was auditing from the management console that you can see what is happening and where it’s happening.”
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