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About AskCody

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Welcome to a world of better meetings.

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Welcome to AskCody and a world of better meetings

In AskCody, we help users in workplaces all around the world to book meetings, manage services, and welcome visitors, all in one integrated platform and service, helping you manage meetings smarter.
Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the world of efficient meetings, we've got you covered with our comprehensive Platform of meeting management tools.
In the last 10 years, we have developed a platform tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook giving you answers to all questions regarding meetings, services, visitors, and workplace analytics and helping you manage and execute all tasks and to-do's related to meetings.
You see, meetings are complex, and a lot of things can go wrong. Meetings are filled with moving parts and friction. And they involve a lot of different people in an organization, too.
With AskCody, it’s not about how easy it is to book or schedule a meeting. It’s about how easy it is to manage a meeting through its entire lifecycle with all involved stakeholders. And that’s what’s AskCody is all about. Having you, and your organization covered throughout the entire lifecycle of every single meeting.
So, book a meeting? Simply, Ask Cody. Need coffee for your meeting? Ask Cody. Find an available workspace? Ask Cody. Check room status? Ask Cody. Need to check in a guest? I think you get it...
Cody is your workplace calendar. Your connectivity hub for meetings. Your meeting or workspace assistant. Or (according to a great customer) "the quarterback of your workplace".
To learn more about AskCody, you can visit our website or our Help Center to find answers to any of your questions. And if that’s not enough, we got you covered with our 24/7 support on chat and email. And yes, we are real people behind all replies in support and customer success.
Our team of dedicated specialists work tirelessly to help you succeed.
Thanks for using AskCody. And again, welcome to a new era of efficient, organized, and stress- and hassle-free meetings.

People shape places. Then places shape us.

This synergy combined with technology reveals great opportunities. Leveraging technology to reveal those synergies, AskCody ultimately aims to build the bridge between people, places, and events, to create a better workplace experience.
  • When meetings matters
  • The all-in-one Platform
  • Native to Microsoft
  • Helping your workplace do their job better
  • Creating a better workplace experience

For whom meetings matters

AskCody is the Platform for companies and organizations for whom meetings matter. Client-centered businesses and corporates. Companies with a ton of external meetings every day.
AskCody is the Platform for organizations that need confidence, certainty, and control of meetings, who need a full overview of what goes on where and when, and who want meetings to start on time, every time. Because meetings matter.
It’s for organizations that want to control the full meeting lifecycle without jeopardizing the meeting experience, client experience, compliance, or security or risk damaging their reputation or brand. Meetings are important and a crucial component in driving revenue.

One Platform to manage meetings in your workplace

The all-in-one meeting management Platform is designed to help organizations control meetings, manage services and welcome visitors, to improve employee and visitor experience, streamline workspace-related tasks, and make better use of their workspace and resources. AskCody provides complete control of all meeting activities and services, allowing Office Admins, Conference Service Managers, service teams, and front desks to stay ahead of the workday and set every meeting up for success.

The best part: Everything runs natively with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Exchange

With AskCody, employees can easily book meeting rooms, reserve equipment, register visitors and request services like catering or IT support, all from a single, easy-to-use interface. AskCody's visitor management allow organizations to streamline the check-in process for guests and visitors, while also improving security and compliance. AskCody service management are used to manage facilities and services like parking, catering, hospitality, room-setup, and cleaning, helping organizations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
The best part: Everything runs natively with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Exchange, and the Platform runs on Microsoft Azure. It's on Microsoft, for Microsoft, in Microsoft. 
Why? Because we are the Platform for Microsoft customers and users.

Turning Office and Conference Service Managers into super heroes

With AskCody, organizations are turning Office and Conference Service Managers and workplace hospitality teams into super heroes by ensuring that meetings start on time, every time, thus improving productivity and overall business efficiencies and success.

A mission to manage meetings smarter

In AskCody we’re on a mission – a mission that has formed this company from the beginning: What we’re here to do is to help organizations manage meetings smarter. We believe that by doing so, we can help organizations create a better workplace experience, drive employee productivity and happiness, operational efficiencies, reduce corporate risk, and get much more out of the workplace.

 "We focus on creating a happier, more convenient, more productive modern workplace while optimizing resources and reducing interruptions. AskCody eliminates the tedious aspect of everyday tasks that zap productivity and waste precious time. We fight to win the battle of the meeting room.



Allan Mørch Ceo & Founder
This is why we build AskCody

A meeting is never just a meeting; It's a whole series of tasks and to-do's. In the corporate world, that is costly.

Bookings, reservations, spreadsheets, SharePoint sites, lists, sticky notes, paper logs... Research shows that every employee is using multiple hours a week organizing meetings. Not attending. Just preparing.
Meetings are a necessary part of the business. The amount of time spent arranging them isn't.
Meeting room management is a minefield of wasted time and tiresome processes.
Did you know 40 percent of workers in large organizations say they waste up to 30 minutes a day searching for space to collaborate? On average, professionals spend almost 5 hours arranging up to 15 meetings every week. Most business owners and managers do not even know this since they lack the right tools and insights to tell them.
The AskCody platform is transforming (and reducing time spent on planning) the way people book and manage meetings, and how organizations get the most out of their workplace. All built on top of Microsoft technologies and seamlessly integrated with Outlook and Microsoft 365, providing an authentic Outlook and Microsoft centric experience.
Finding the right room with the right equipment and occupancy levels is a hassle. Employees lack insight into which rooms are in use, who is using them, why, and for how long. Interruptions are common. Conference rooms sit empty thanks to no-shows while employees search the hallways for a space to collaborate. People forget to look at the calendar; they see that the room's empty, so they think it's free, and once inside, it can be difficult for anyone else to work out who's next without interruption. Interruptions kill productivity; it wastes time and no clear overview of today's meetings, especially waste space and meeting room resources.
That's why we help companies and organizations:
  • Book and manage meetings and meeting rooms, desks and workstations
  • Welcome guests and improve the visitor experience
  • Handle and accommodate all meeting logistics, catering, administration and service requests
  • Ensure meetings start on time while help completing the meeting, including billing and reporting
The AskCody platform not only makes it easier for companies to organize meetings but reduces interruptions and optimizes meeting space utilization. AskCody helps organizations improve the output and outcome of meetings. With AskCody, it's a new and better way to work.

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Built in Denmark

Managing meetings worldwide

AskCody is VC-funded and backed by Promentum Equity Partners. We are founded and built in Denmark, but are an international company with customers and colleagues all over the world. Since we started, more than 100 people have worked in AskCody.
We have an ambitious growth plan about solving significant challenges for corporates and organizations globally.
We're a Microsoft Partner and have worked closely with Microsoft since 2016 on creating the next generation of modern meeting management.
People and technology are the core of AskCody, the drivers of our success so far, and what we continue to invest in. We are a modern company, and our employees are our greatest asset.
Our Danish HQ is in the heart of Aalborg (the city with “The happiest people in Europe” elected by the European Commission and on NY Times "Places to visit" list) and our US HQ is in downtown Boston, MA, with a office space at WeWork. The view is amazing!
In 2019, 2021, and 2022, we were nominated 'Workplace of the year' in Aalborg.

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