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Not enough
meeting rooms?

Meetings are in the top 5 of office frustrations, so getting off to a bad start by not having enough meeting rooms is a serious challenge. It affects productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.
Here is what impacts this challenge and how AskCody helps you improve room utilization effectively without investing in expensive office space. 
18% of meetings are ghost meetings
20% of meetings get booked
27% of meeting room capacity gets used
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Ghost meetings are scheduled meetings that remain on the calendar but go completely unattended. While recurring unattended meetings are sometimes called “zombie” meetings, we'll refer to all such instances as ghost meetings for simplicity. Ghost meetings account for 80 percent of all no-show meetings, and their impact is more significant than their spooky name suggests. They consume valuable resources and space, leading to inefficiencies and frustrations that can disrupt your entire office environment.

18% of meetings are ghost meetings – It´s, when the room is booked, but people never show up

Use check-in and cancellation policies

AskCody can enforce check-in policies, where meeting rooms are released if users do not check in within a certain time frame. 

This will free up the meeting room to be used by someone else, for instance, the 20% of meetings booked ad-hoc. 
Our software for meeting room displays shows free and busy statuses for meeting rooms, and offers a quick booking option for when you need to take that quick call undisturbed. 

20% of meetings get booked ad-hoc and not scheduled in advanced

Ad-hoc meetings are critical to workplace dynamics, providing flexibility and responsiveness to immediate needs and opportunities. They are driven by the necessity for quick collaboration, urgent issue resolution, and spontaneous opportunities. This is not a challenge; however, it is often where "no-meeting-rooms-available-frustrations" are born.
Display & Dashboards - AskCody

Provide transparency and booking at your fingertips

Imagine needing a meeting room immediately; the first question is, what is available, and where can I find it? Through meeting room displays, airport-like dashboards, and an interactive office floorplan showing the meeting room's free, busy status, AskCody helps you get an overview of your workplace, enabling you to make your pick immediately. 

Now you can book your preferred meeting room with a few clicks via our mobile app, kiosks, of even directly on the meeting room display, so you can execute your meeting undisturbed. 

On average, only 27% of meeting room capacity gets used

The average number of people attending a meeting in a meeting room is 3; however, the average capacity of meeting rooms is 11. Outlook and other meeting room booking systems, as a standard, suggest meeting rooms based on the alphabet or last/most used, and often users have their preferred meeting rooms based on the distance from their desk, looks, or window view.
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Optimize meeting room utilization

AskCody recommends the best-suited meeting room based on the number of participants and amenities available. This, by default, nudges behavior to be more útilization friendly.

Gain valuable usage data on your meeting rooms and desks across different locations with AskCody workplace analytics. These insights, powered by Microsoft PowerBI and accessible through our portal, provide the tools to surface under-used meeting rooms, peak times, and over-capacity rooms. Whereafter, you can make informed decisions on how to optimize your office space and improve utilization.

Learn more about insights and analytics for your workplace.

Navigating your office to find the correct meeting room can be challenging. The complexity of office layouts, lack of clear signage, and insufficient information about room locations cause delays and frustration for employees and visitors alike. Long periods of remote work, fewer office days, and impossible office names like B324.56 have made finding a meeting room even more challenging. 

How much time do you spend on finding an available meeting room?

Find available meeting rooms with ease

Bring your workplace to life with an interactive floor plan that helps you find and book rooms and workspaces in real-time.

Showing real-time free/busy status on workspaces and meeting rooms in your office maps enhances your employee's workplace experience. Access to real-time information about the current and upcoming availability of desks and meeting rooms allows them to make informed decisions about where to work or hold meetings without manual checks or inquiries.

Learn how efficient navigation and real-time availability of meeting rooms save time and frustration.


Can we show you how to solve your meeting room challenge?

Without the need for expensive investment in office space.