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Updated Q2 2024

Statement of Direction

At AskCody we’re building the bridge between people, places and events, creating a better workplace experience.
Our all-in-one meeting management platform helps you to control meetings, manage services and welcome visitors, to improve employee and visitor experience, streamline workspace-related tasks, and make better use of your workspace and resources.
More than ever, AskCody provides a complete overview of all meeting activities and services, allowing Office Admins, Conference Service Managers, Service Teams, and Front Desks to stay ahead of the workday and set every meeting up for success, making meetings start on time, every time.
This is a short video sharing what we have been working on lately, and what to expect in the coming months.
In the last 6 months, we’ve improved our Platform, adding a ton of new features. Today’ we will share what we’ve launched lately, as well as share some exciting news, on what the future of the AskCody Platform brings. The themes for today’s video are:
  • Improvements to meeting management, making the end-to-end process of managing meetings better and more integrated
  • Better workspace management and the integration with Maps & Workspaces in AskCody
  • Improved user management and access control for easier administration and management of AskCody
  • Integration and Automations allowing for customers to integrate AskCody and our workflows with any application of your choice.



Our mission is simple: We're here to help organizations Manage Meeting Smarter.




By helping Organizations Manage Meetings Smarter, we're creating a Better Workplace Experience

Ask yourself this question:

Why do people meet?

Ask yourself this question: Why do people in a professional context meet?
For us, it's obvious. The purpose of meetings is to share ideas, achieve goals, transfer information, make progress, and generate results.
Meetings occur because people and organizations have targets and objectives they aim to reach.
These can only be achieved through collaboration. In other words, meetings. It's about teamwork. It's about empowering each other to do more and better. It's what matters. Meetings, as a concept, is the fuel organizations run on. It's their gasoline. Everybody cares about mileage and fuel efficiency. Now, let's help organizations to achieve meeting efficiency.
AskCody is the Platform for companies and organizations for whom meetings matters. The client centered businesses and corporates across the world. Companies, with a ton of external meetings, every day. Where meetings are important to that business. Where meetings are a crucial component in driving revenue. Where meetings are business critical. Where meetings, is where you meet with your clients. Engage in new customer relations. Meet, grow, and develop existing clients. Collaborate. Innovate. Where meetings drive revenue or creates better supplier relationships. Where meetings foster co-creation and transformation. Where you move the business forward. Where you change. Where you reach new goals and milestones. Where you set the direction and move forward.
AskCody is the Platform for organizations where meetings are the primary vehicle to drive revenue; revenue and meetings goes hand in hand.
That's what's AskCody is all about, and that's what drives us. We empower people and organizations to manage meetings smarter. We help organizations drive meeting efficiency by removing excess friction in meeting planning and scheduling. For the entire organization.
We eliminate frustrations, friction, and productivity killers, and instead enable people to spend time on what's important for them and the business. We drive efficiency around meetings. And ultimately revenue.
Every great company has an enduring vision and mission. So, do we. And we're not afraid to say it aloud.
We're changing the way people meet and collaborate. We're improving how companies and organizations manage meetings and manage and share information. We're managing meetings smarter. By doing so, we're creating a better workplace experience.

"At AskCody, we have a unique capability in harmonizing the needs of both individuals and organizations. This is in our DNA. Our mission is ambitious, but it’s the core of what our customers deeply care about: Bringing harmony and symbiosis to the workplace, transforming real estate liabilities to assets, while maximizing employee productivity and thrival; all in all creating a better workplace experience. We’re committed, and promise, to never jeopardize or compromize the harmony, because that’s where we believe that magic can happen. We will never just build for 'one side' of the organization compromising the other sides needs or way of work."

Allan MørchCEO & Founder
Unlocking the full potential of your workplace

What's underneath AskCody?

AskCody isn't just another button in Outlook or Microsoft extension - there's so much more underneath the hood!
We help organizations overall to:

  • Drive Productivity and Efficiencies for and in meetings; both for organizations and end-users
  • Mitigate and reduce Corporate Risk; Mitigate risk that’s jeopardizing the meeting experience and protects company and brand reputation.
Hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of users trust AskCody to solve their meeting challenges, improving the workplace experience and removing friction in Meeting Management. Simply because AskCody is so much more than just another scheduling tool or meeting booking app.
AskCody is a business process enablement solution for your meetings rooms and workspaces, connecting your entire workspace in one unified Platform tightly integrated with your Microsoft ecosystem.
We’re offering a Platform that is providing multifaceted value in the workspace and meeting management by:

Improved productivity and workplace utilization

Improved productivity and workplace utilization

Simplifying meeting management, workspace and resource scheduling by providing employees a seamless, efficient and user-friendly booking experience of all resources in the workplace leading to improved productivity and workplace utilization

Enhanced corporate identity and workplace experience

Enhanced corporate identity and workplace experience

Improving employee collaboration, communication and visitor experience leading to enhanced corporate identity and workplace experience visiting the workplace as an employee or external visitor

Reduced cost, overhead and coporate risk

Reduced cost, overhead and coporate risk

Reaching operational efficiencies, process automations and optimizations by simplifying administrative operational tasks for office managers, hospitality teams, receptionists, and facilities teams, limiting the administrative burden making daily life easier managing the workplace leading to reduced cost, overhead and corporate risk

Wanna know what gets us up in the morning?

Harmonizing the needs for both employees and organizations; the worker and the workplace

The workplace, or the organization, has a built-in paradox and dysfunctionality: Embracing the needs of the individual employee, and aligning those with the needs of the organization. What’s best for the organization or the workplace, isn’t necessarily what’s best for the individual employee. Or what brings the highest productivity, happiness, or performance. And vice versa.
Providing tools and features for the individual employee, which gives the end-users what they need to be at their best, while providing the entire organization with the features, rules and policies they require to embrace the organization’s needs, is extremely complex, because how can you take care of both simultaneous?
The employee wants the meeting room with the nearest proximity despite purpose of the meeting or other requirements for in-room equipment; the Facilities and Hospitality teams want the user to book the room that utilizes the room the most, ensuring highest return of investment on real estate or ensure lowest utility costs. The employee wants total freedom, visibility, and ease of use. The organization needs some bureaucracy, rules, and standards.
Organizations are built on a duplexity, a dualism, an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts: the organization and the employee where needs and requirements are different, sometimes conflicting. What’s best for the organization often brings added work, friction and bureaucracy to the employee, or what’s best for the individual can’t meet the needs or requirements of the organization supporting complex processes or security standards to make the workplace opperate in accordingly to the overall needs and ambition.
The question is now: How do you work with that duality and built-in complexity?
AskCody’s holistic approach to transforming the workday and enabling organizations to create a better workplace experience, driving workplace utilization and employee productivity focuses on harmonizing the needs of the single employee and the entire organization in parallel and symbiosis. We take care of both sides of the coin. We ensure that making something better for the organization doesn’t come with the price of adding complexity or cumbersomeness to the other side.
We deeply care about both providing a great end-user experience and focus on the needs of the end-user scheduling meetings and manage room bookings while providing an enterprise-grade backbone enabling the wider organization to raise productivity and efficiency across the entire back office focusing on serving meetings.

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At AskCody, we have lofty goals. You might say we're shooting for the moon. But we're on a mission to modernize the workplace and make the workplace work for the users, not the opposite. Our vision is to help organizations creating a better workplace experience.

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