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Integrated workplace management software (IWMS)

What is an IWMS?

Typically facility and real estate expenses amount to about 20% of the organization's financial cost. Therefore, many companies opt-in for IWMS solutions that help facility managers optimize workplace resources and business processes.

The key areas of an integrated workplace management software are real estate management, space management, project management, and facility management. 

The goal of an IWMS is to increase transparency, efficiency, and flexibility of your facility management resources. This should lead you to making informed decisions about your integrated workplace management system strategy based on data and knowledge, instead of gut feelings.  

Moreover, an IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) serves as a centralized hub for all essential facility-related data and processes. It allows for better coordination between different departments, from HR to IT, ensuring that workspace needs are met promptly and efficiently. With IWMS systems, organizations can proactively identify areas for improvement, implement cost-saving measures, and create an agile and adaptable workplace environment that supports the evolving needs of the workforce.

AskCody aligns with the IWMS category by offering advanced meeting management solutions that further enhance workspace efficiency and collaboration.

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