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Interactive maps

What are interactive maps?

Interactive maps visualize a single floor or the entire office. The map is interactive because you can see the activities and availability of desks and meeting rooms. These maps are often shown on kiosk displays and/or in a mobile app. 

The goal of interactive maps is for employees to quickly find and book available rooms or desks. It is also a great tool to provide employees with an overview of the available resources. 

Although there are benefits, interactive maps also come at a tradeoff. It could lead to worse utilization of your workplace because people book based on convenience and not purpose. People tend to book the same types of meeting rooms and desks, which have the best view or are located within the shortest range. 

We made an article discussing if interactive floorplans and maps are a great idea or a potential problem for your organization. Read our article Interactive Floorplans for your workspace, dream, or nightmare


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