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What is CREtech?

CREtech, or corporate real estate technology, is the integration of technology in the field of commercial real estate to enhance and optimize the use of workspaces. It encompasses a wide range of electronic devices and software that companies use to manage their facilities more efficiently. CREtech includes solutions for space planning, energy management, security, and more. The main goal of CREtech is to improve workplace productivity, reduce operating costs, and enhance the overall employee experience.

While CREtech is often used interchangeably with PropTech, it focuses specifically on technologies that impact the commercial or corporate real estate industry. In contrast, PropTech encompasses both commercial and residential real estate technology. By utilizing CREtech, companies can effectively manage their real estate assets and make data-driven decisions regarding their workspace strategy. With the rapid advancement of technology, CREtech will continue to play a crucial role in the future of corporate real estate.


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