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Visitor management kiosk

What is a visitor management check-in kiosk?

A check-in kiosk is a vital part of modern visitor management, providing a streamlined and secure check-in process for guests and employees alike. These digital devices are typically located in the entrance or lobby of a building and offer a range of features to enhance the visitor experience.

With a check-in kiosk, visitors can quickly and easily sign in, review important safety protocols, and receive directions to their destination within the building. The kiosk can also provide real-time notifications to hosts of their guest's arrival and offer badge printing for added security.

These kiosks are especially useful during the pandemic, where Covid-19 restrictions need to be strictly followed. The check-in kiosk can display company policies and health protocols to keep visitors informed and safe.

The benefits of a check-in kiosk extend beyond the initial check-in process. They can also provide a visual interactive floorplan of the building with wayfinding, making it easier for visitors to navigate the workplace. Additionally, they can help organizations streamline their check-in procedures, reduce wait times, and enhance overall security.


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