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Concept of choice with crossroads spliting in two ways
Allan MørchApr 9, 20206 min read

Robin Alternative: Why AskCody might be the best solution for you

In the realm of combat sports, the unexpected can happen, as was seen in the MMA fight in 2019 when Jorge Masvidal astonishingly defeated Ben Askren in seconds. This is comparable to the world of meeting management tools; sometimes, you're hit with a tool that looks perfect at first glance but may not be the ultimate choice for your unique business needs.

With a myriad of options available in the market, how do you determine which tool fits the bill? In this article, we delve into an in-depth comparison between Robin, a popular choice, and a Robin alternative: AskCody.


Discovering the best Robin alternative

Robin is a cloud-based meeting room scheduling and desk management app that’s designed to help businesses make better use of the resources they already have.

For example, using Robin, a worker can request a desk assignment or schedule a meeting room online — even requesting a room with specific tools like a smartboard or projector.

The_best_Robin_Alternative_why_AskCody_is_right Solution-2


Robin also offers office and floor mapping tools, which makes it easy for workers or visitors to find their assigned room or desk so they can get to work faster.

But, is it the right tool for you? Below, we dig into all the features this tool has to offer as well as its pros and cons so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Robin features

It is a powerful tool, but does Robin have the features your company needs, like real-time reservations and meeting room displays? Here's what you can expect from Robin making it easy for you to find suitable alternatives.


Online booking for rooms and desks

Robin offers real-time scheduling for meeting rooms and conference rooms. Users can log in via computer or app, select a room based on location or features, and reserve their room at the click of a button.

As flexible floor plans become more common, many companies struggle to find a desk assignment tool in addition to a conference room scheduling tool. Robin offers both meeting room and desk assignments all in one platform.

Visitor management

Robin does not currently offer visitor management features which would make it easier for visiting attendees to sign in, get WiFi information, and get directions to the meeting location.


Robin integrates with many of your favorite office tools and email platforms, including Gmail, Microsoft 365, and Exchange. Meetings and desks can be scheduled via email or mobile app.


Robin offers support via phone and online. Most reviews indicate their support is friendly and helpful.

On the training side, Robin offers thorough documentation and live online training. They do not appear to offer in-person training or webinars.

Other key features

What else do you need to know about Robin? There are a few other features you might find useful, including their room displays and analytics tools, which give business insight into how often meeting rooms are used. This is especially helpful for companies that are unsure if their current space meets their needs.

Robin also has a "calendar clean-up" feature, which cancels recurring meetings that don't always happen. This helps reduce “ghost meetings” (learn more about these spooky meetings here) and ensures that rooms are available to groups that actually need them.


Pros and cons of Robin

Is Robin the right tool for your company? Or should you find an alternative to Robin. Before you decide, take a look at these pros and cons.


  • Integrates with most major email and calendar tools. When you´re on G-suite, Robin is the tool for you. 
  • Works well for companies that use flexible seating, due to interactive floor maps. 
  • Reservations are updated in real-time, so users can see what rooms are available right now


  • No visitor sign-in, security, or guidance features
  • Failing to check-in for a meeting releases the room quickly, which can be a hassle if the host is running late
  • It does not integrate with older email systems
  • Reporting tools are limited compared to the solution we’re going to explore next: AskCody


AskCody review: a Robin alternative

AskCody is a cloud-based meeting room management and visitor management tool. It helps organizations in the public sector, financial services, law, and beyond make better use of their current resources and optimize workplace utilization.

Front page askcody

AskCody is more than just a meeting room scheduling tool — it is designed to help businesses better use current resources and position themselves for long-term growth.

Features such as detailed reporting, automated meeting reminders, and visitor management make day-to-day scheduling a breeze. In-depth reporting and insights provide quantifiable data your business can use to make informed decisions.


AskCody features

Is AskCody the right scheduling tool for your business. If you are currently using Robin and looking for an alternative, it might be. It depends on how you work. AskCody is best suited for service-based businesses like those in the law and financial space. Companies where meetings are an essential part of how they operate; what we typically refer to as client-based businesses.

What does AskCody have to offer? Let's take a look at a few of the most useful features.


Online meeting space booking and management

AskCody offers real-time scheduling for conference rooms, meeting locations, and even desks.

Even more importantly, users can sort rooms based on specific features, order catering, and even create AV requests right in the platform.

Visitor management

If your firm is serviced-based, there is a good chance you waste hours of time sending out meeting invites, directions, and ensuring visitors have the information they need to sign in and find your meeting location. AskCody streamlines this process with visitor management capabilities that allow you to pre-register visitors, add sign-in questions, and even share the WiFi password.


AskCody integrates fully with Outlook, Exchange 2010+, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Bookings.


AskCody offers support via support ticket, phone, and email. Their robust knowledge base also provides a wide range of training tools to help you get started, including online documentation, webinars, online presentations, and in-person training.

Other key features

What else does AskCody have to offer? This is a full-fledged tool designed to make managing meetings — and the resources surrounding them — easier. Other features that can help with this process include automated meeting reminders, meeting room displays, additional security features, meeting analytics and insights, and a cloud management portal.


AskCody pros and cons

Is AskCody right for your company? Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


  • Intuitive to use
  • Features like visitor management make AskCody an ideal option for professional service firms that need more than just a scheduling tool
  • Fully integrates with Microsoft 365 and Outlook for seamless scheduling and reminders
  • Detailed reporting and analytics to ensure resources are easy to access and position your firm for growth


  • Does not integrate with Gmail
  • Cost may not be justified for smaller companies who just need a scheduling tool


AskCody vs Robin: Who comes out on top?

Too many companies waste valuable time and resources manually scheduling and organizing meetings. Are you ready for a change? AskCody was created to help your business spend less time on menial tasks so you can focus more time on what really matters — taking care of your clients.

Robin offers fewer sophisticated features, less detailed reports, and lacks visitor management features. For smaller companies that do not host visitors, this solution might suffice. Service-based firms that need a clear understanding of how their resources are used will be impressed with the features and insights offered by AskCody.

If your company needs a full-fledged meeting resource management and scheduling solution; AskCody is an ideal solution to be your Robin alternative.

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Allan Mørch

CEO & Founder, AskCody. Empowers organizations worldwide in creating better workplace experiences using AskCody.