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While meeting management involves many vital parts of a company, it doesn’t need to cause friction in a modern workplace. A smart office is a frictionless workplace with fully-integrated and strategic meeting management software. Connect all parts of meeting planning in one platform that integrates with Outlook or Microsoft 365.

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Meetings are necessary at corporate offices. Time spent on tedious tasks to organize these meetings isn’t necessary.

With office workers spending close to five hours per week on meeting management, meeting scheduling is often reported as one of the most time-consuming non-essential tasks during the average workday.

Meetings are also a space where different organizational units must collaborate. Facilities Management ensures the appropriate conference room design. The corporate kitchen prepares the food and beverage services. Reception engages in visitor management. Finance settles costs and manages tax and cost centers.

With a fair amount of complexity and collaboration, the right strategic meeting management tool can save your team time and boost your bottom line.

"In general, the AskCody benefit is the time savings and removing the daily frustrations around meeting planning. The biggest benefit until now is that we have saved 80 % of the reception time, which was taken up with dealing with visitors coming and going. " 


At corporate headquarters, meeting management can be time-consuming and costly.

Cumbersome processes often exist for meeting managers to stay up-to-date on impending needs and ensure that everything is delivered to the right place at the right time to support the core of the business.

A smart office is a frictionless organization. With the right strategic meeting management software, you can take the pressure off of the meeting organizer and help teams throughout the organization improve their productivity.

With an integrated and comprehensive meeting management platform, you can reduce opportunities for errors and redundancies at every turn for the people and teams involved in meetings at corporate headquarters.

Without a strategic meeting management solution at corporate headquarters, you’ll face:

  • Siloed systems
  • Error-prone booking methods
  • Wasted time and resources on meetings starting late
  • Friction and stress in the workplace
  • Scheduling errors
  • Additional services delivered at the wrong time or to the wrong location
  • Damage to client perception and company image
  • Inefficient use of meeting spaces and reduced room utilization

Meeting room management has a direct impact on your company’s performance and financial standing.

As a cross-functional discipline, improved meeting management stands to benefit your organization and business life at corporate headquarters through the use of integrated meeting room booking software.

Free up your team’s time to do what’s essential for your business instead of spending time on cumbersome, outdated processes.


With the same look as native Outlook, AskCody is easier for meeting managers to control all things meeting-related from one spot.

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Dunelm – a large retailer in United Kingdom has been using AskCody for over 7 years. Read about their journey. Learn about the implementation and the results.

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