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AskCody for Public Sector and Government

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AskCody is the easiest way for the Public Sector and Government to find meeting rooms, order catering, AV or other meeting services, and help your visitors. Right inside the already familiar interface of Outlook and Microsoft 365.

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AskCody for Public Sector and Government

Meetings in the Public Sector is a team sport. Employees book many meetings with internal coworkers, external partners, and constituents, consultants, and business partners, which involves many colleagues and people within the organization.

The public sector reports that meeting scheduling is one of the most time consuming non-essential tasks during an average workday. Office workers in public services and public enterprises say spending close to five hours a week every week on meeting management and searching for space to collaborate with coworkers. With meeting rooms and rooms for collaboration being a limited resource within the office, this is an ultimate source of friction and frustration.



On top of that, consider the different service units and service vendors supporting meetings within the public services sector. Facilities Management must ensure that the right amount and configuration of rooms and workspaces are available with the necessary table arrangements, desks, and room for collaboration.

The canteen and kitchen prepare food, beverages, or other services that must be ready and delivered on time. The reception must track the day's visitors, manage check-ins, print visitor badges, notify the host upon attendee arrivals, and check-out guests, perhaps even monitor front-desk security. Finance must settle costs and manage tax and cost centers correctly, maybe also synchronize with ERP or financial systems.

For public and government organizations, these time-consuming processes are costly and cumbersome for service providers and service managers. Because they are always hustling to stay up-to-date on impending needs and ensuring everything is delivered to the right place at the right time to support the core of the business.

Moreover, for Facilities Management or Corporate Real Estate, who need to ensure the best possible utilization of the workspace to get the most out of the real estate investment and the office lease, it can be costly too.

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