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The AskCody Newsroom

Steffen MørchAug 14, 20238 min read

Marshall Dennehey: Streamlining Meeting Management with AskCody

Marshall Dennehey became an AskCody customer in 2022. They wanted to replace their ...
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Steffen MørchMay 17, 20238 min read

How Shook, Hardy & Bacon Improved Efficiency with AskCody

Shook, Hardy, & Bacon L.L.P. is an American law firm considered one of the best in ...
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Steffen MørchNov 23, 20225 min read

How Burke Warren Law Firm Utilizes AskCody Technology

Burke, Warren, MacKay and Serritella P.C. is a mid-size, Chicago-based law firm. The ...
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Steffen MørchNov 9, 20225 min read

How Eversheds Sutherland LLP Increased Productivity with AskCody

Secretaries in Eversheds Sutherland LLP are now managing a 50% increase in workload with ...
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Allan MørchOct 17, 20223 min read

11 Effective Ways to Optimize Your Front Desk and Visitor Experience

Have you ever considered how many more crucial tasks your front desk staff could be ...
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Allan MørchJul 26, 202212 min read

Streamlining Meeting Management: Optimizing Efficiency in the Legal Field

In summer 2022 ILTA published a White Paper by Allan Mørch, CEO & Founder of AskCody ...
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Rikke FuglsangJun 29, 20224 min read

How Olympus Incorporated AskCody Technology to Streamline Meetings and Visitor Management

When Olympus started building their new European headquarters in Hamburg, DE they needed ...
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Rikke FuglsangJun 10, 20226 min read

Improving Workplace Efficiency with AskCody: A Case Study

When a leading provider of investment management services were in the mist of upgrading ...
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Allan MørchJun 8, 202211 min read

Boost productivity with an integrated meeting management platform

Meetings are a constant source of wasted resources and frustrated office workers. ...
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Rikke FuglsangMay 31, 20223 min read

How Skanderborg Municipality Improved Meeting Management with AskCody

Skanderborg Municipality, a large municipality in central Denmark, needed a solution for ...
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