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The AskCody Newsroom

Jacob LangeMar 24, 20223 min read

The Rise of the Hybrid Workplace: Optimizing Resources and Reimagining Meeting Spaces

In February and March, 2022 respectively the digital news site Computerworld and Danish ...
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Allan MørchMar 7, 202212 min read

The better way to corporate meeting management with Outlook and Microsoft 365

Meetings are a constant source of wasted resources and frustrated workers. In fact, ...
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Allan MørchMar 7, 202216 min read

15 Ways Meeting Room Displays Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Here is why you should consider digital Meeting Room Displays for improving productivity, ...
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Allan MørchFeb 25, 20226 min read

Different Meeting Room Setups: Finding the Perfect Fit

The office is where we connect with people – where we meet. But do your Meeting Room ...
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Allan MørchFeb 18, 20228 min read

Optimize Workplace Efficiency with Meeting Room Analytics

You meet to share ideas, make some progress, gain some results, move forward, ...
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Allan MørchFeb 15, 20227 min read

11 Tips for Streamlining Meeting Management Processes

Meetings are a necessary part of doing business. What is not necessary is the time spent ...
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Allan MørchFeb 10, 202215 min read

8 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Meeting Management Software

The perfect solution to your current meeting management woes is out there. Meeting ...
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Allan MørchJan 10, 202210 min read

Maximizing Meeting Productivity: 3 Easy Steps to Stop Wasting Time

Stop wasting time in meetings - use these easy steps to win back lost productivity: Are ...
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Rikke FuglsangJan 9, 20225 min read

Surviving Cancer: The Remarkable Journey of AskCody Founder

On September 8th, 2021, the digital news site Vigeur published a story about how cancer ...
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Rikke FuglsangDec 22, 20211 min read

AskCody Targets US Law Firms for Digital Transformation

On September 14th, 2018 the digital news site Computerworld published a story about ...
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