Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 11/12/19 10:59 AM 2 min read

What is a Room Display?

To design the smartest office environment, you need to add functions that make daily life at the office as frictionless as possible. Here room displays can be an immense help for you, co-workers, and visitors.

What are the advantages of meeting room displays?

With these displays you make it easy for your co-workers to find an unoccupied meeting room. The biggest advantage of the conference room schedule displays is, therefore, to make bookings quick and to limit delays and booking mistakes.

You can read much more about the advantages here.

What types of hardware can be used?

You can divide the category into two large segments:

  1. Generic commercial-grade hardware
  2. Professional-grade hardware

The first category is typically represented by Apple iPads or affordable Android tablets. The biggest advantage of this type of device is affordability. The disadvantage can be more time needed to have the devices running 24/7.

The second category is typically devices from suppliers like Glorystar, LG, Philips, or Creston meeting room displays. The displays are built for this specific purpose and are built to be running for long times without needed service.

You can learn more about what hardware AskCody recommend at our Help Center and more about the associated AskCody software here.

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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen

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