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What is Activity-Based Working (ABW)?

Activity Based Working aims to boost collaboration, productivity, and flexibility while reducing costs. It is a workplace strategy that provides people with a choice of settings for a variety of workplace activities. Rather than forcing individuals to undertake all their work in one setting, ABW allows people to physically locate themselves where it is most suitable for them to complete their job.

With the rise of remote work, ABW has become even more relevant as it allows employees to choose where they work based on the specific task they are working on. This approach eliminates the need for assigned desks and offices, which can be costly and restrict employees' mobility.

Implementing an ABW strategy requires careful planning and consideration of the organization's needs and goals. It involves rethinking the physical workspace, providing employees with the necessary technology and tools, and creating a culture of trust and collaboration.

The concept of activity-based working is not new, but in light of recent events got renewed focus. Read our blog on what activity-based working is, what does it require, and why should you consider it for your workplace right now? 


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