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What does CO or CPO stand for?

CO, or Closed Office, is a traditional office layout consisting of permanent or semi-permanent cubicles or smaller private offices. This layout is characterized by the lack of collaborative space and is considered to be the opposite of an Open Plan Office (OO / OPO). COs are often designed for individual work, with little to no opportunities for interaction or collaboration with colleagues. This type of office layout is becoming less common in modern workplaces, as research shows that collaboration and communication are critical components of workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.

On the other hand, CPO, or Closed Plan Office, is a modernized version of the CO. It offers a combination of private and collaborative spaces, providing employees with the best of both worlds. CPOs feature a mix of private offices and open spaces, such as meeting rooms and collaborative areas, to facilitate communication and interaction among team members.

Many modern workplaces combine both COs and CPOs to create an optimal workspace for every work style. By providing employees with a range of workspaces, they can choose the setting that best suits their needs at any given time. This flexibility can enhance productivity and overall job satisfaction, while also promoting collaboration and innovation.

Overall, COs and CPOs are two different office layouts that have evolved over time to meet the changing needs of the modern workforce. While COs were once the standard, CPOs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more flexible and collaborative environment that encourages communication and innovation.

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