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outlook integration 15.07.22


How does AskCody integrate with Microsoft Outlook? Get all the answers here. 
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Microsoft Outlook integration


One of the primary reasons why our customers choose AskCody is our frictionless integration with Microsoft. AskCody is an integrated part of your Microsoft Suite - working seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 environment to create an effortless meeting management experience. The synergy means that one connection allows the two platforms to work smoothly together. 
We make meeting management simple and easy without the need to leave Outlook or Microsoft 365. Booking meeting rooms, workstations, adding the right room equipment and facilities, pre-registering guests – all meeting related tasks can be handled smoothly inside Microsoft Outlook with AskCody integration.

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Book from Outlook

Book from Outlook

With AskCody being integrated to your Exchange environment. You can make meeting and workspace bookings, add services and manage visitors directly from the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.


Easy Adoption

Easy Adoption

Keep using the familiar interface of Outlook. Your booking experience is still in Outlook with AskCody providing an intelligent layer on top of your Microsoft Suite. You do not need to change your habits or have multiple different Platforms open.


Clean integration

Clean integration

Minimize your IT tech stack. AskCody is not another tool in the tech stack, but an integrated element of your Microsoft Suite. It is a reliable integration to expand your IT infrastructure. There are no dangers of synchronization errors or malfunction.

Native to Microsoft 365


Above all, AskCody is native to Microsoft being built on Exchange Web Services (EWS). Because the AskCody Platform is based on a Microsoft foundation it natively interacts with: Exchange, Teams, Outlook, and Power-Bi.

The AskCody Architecture Cloud

High-level architecture of AskCody

Teams, Outlook, and Power-Bi are all leveraging data from Exchange, and that is why AskCody can process and handle workplace information from these Microsoft apps. This means that meetings booked in Outlook and Teams will be appear on the AskCody Room Displays  and Dashboards. And all workplace data is gathered in Power-Bi and can easily be analyzed using the AskCody Insights module.

"I LOVE that AskCody is integrated with Outlook. It makes reserving, editing and canceling reservations so quick and easy. The interface is very easy to use and is so customizable to our needs. I love that we can make it our own and customize our rooms, vendors, and services from the Admin side. From the user perspective I love how quick and easy it is to make a reservation and to filter room options down to the elements that I need for any given meeting. It is very customizable and adaptable based on the size, location, and technology that I need for room reservation which is great especially since we have conference rooms in multiple offices."
Shayla Moore
Shaley MTraining Coordinator
Which products synergize with Microsoft Outlook?


The AskCody Outlook Add-ins let you book office resources easily, so you can maximize your workplace capacity. The bookings add-in (B) provides an intelligent filtering of your workplace resources, so you can find rooms based on amenities and capacity. The services add-in (S) make it easy to order services for your meeting – giving a direct channel to send requests to your service providers. The visitor add-in (V) make it easy to pre-register guests, and notify reception about incoming guests. Because AskCody is built natively to Office 365 you can find rooms and desks, invite guests, and order catering for your meetings directly from your already familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

With the AskCody Bookings Add-in for Outlook you can book a meeting room based on room capacity, room purposes, or the type of equipment and amenities you would need. The Services Add-in allows you to schedule different services, like coffee and cake, as well as book different table arrangements, add cleaning, etc. And last but not least you can simplify the visitor management with the Visitors' add-in. 

For more information visit AskCody Outlook Ad-ins - Bookings, Services, Visitor Management.


Which products synergize with Microsoft Outlook?


AskCody Mobile App is connected to the Outlook environment - giving you the option to make bookings on the go. The mobile app has the same benefits as the AskCody bookings add-in (B), providing an intelligent search filter to easily sort your resources by amenities and capacity. You are also able to make quick and effortless adaptions to your meetings. Giving you the possibility to alter your meetings directly from your phone.

For more information visit AskCody Mobile App.


Which products synergize with Microsoft Outlook?


If you book a meeting using the AskCody Outlook add-ins, it will be visible on the AskCody Room Displays and Meeting Dashboards. This gives businesses an actual outline of the activities occurring in the office. Providing a real-time overview for employees and visitors, and allowing them  find the right room easily. 

For more information visit AskCody Room Displays and Meeting Dashboards.

Display and dashboards


Which products synergize with Microsoft Outlook?


With AskCody Workplace Insights the data from your booked meetings is gathered in Power-Bi, which is easily accessible for further reporting. AskCody Insights assists you in measuring bookable Outlook resources - like desks, meeting rooms, etc. The gathered data can help you improve workplace productivity, efficiency and provide you with a better understanding of the utilization of resources.

For more information visit AskCody Workplace Insights.





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How AskCody integrates with Microsoft Outlook


AskCody is unparalleled in comparison to other meeting management and resource scheduling systems because it is built on Microsoft Exchange. The Microsoft foundation means AskCody is directly integrated in Microsoft Outlook, which makes meeting management a frictionless process done in an already familiar interface.

AskCody integration for Outlook and Microsoft 365 allows you to book meeting rooms, desks, and other services through numerous locations effortlessly, right inside the common interface of Outlook and Microsoft 365. Finding an available room or desk has never been easier. 

The connection between AskCody and Outlook, is not associated with additional frees, unlike the majority of the other meeting management systems, that charge a fee for a unique app that integrates between their platform and Outlook.

Therefore, we always suggest customers to improve their Microsoft Outlook experience and get better results. By incorporating AskCody add-inns you make sure every aspect of you meeting is cared for and fully synchronized on all platforms leveraging data from Microsoft Exchange. This creates a complete room and desk booking experience from your Outlook calendar.