Bas van Wijk 2/24/21 1:55 PM 5 min read

Why do I need both Outlook and AskCody to solve my meeting challenges?

If you are considering a meeting management solution to improve your workplace's overall efficiency and are wondering if Microsoft Outlook can solve all your needs, then continue reading about why you could be better off with a tight-knit combination of Outlook and AskCody.  

Outlook and Microsoft 365 are the standards for emails and coordinating meetings and productivity in organizations worldwide. It's the go-to-tool #1 for most companies, especially within the financial and professional service industry, like law firms, consulting companies, or insurance. And it's used to book, schedule, and manage a ton of meetings every day. We use these tools ourselves in our daily work, and we love them. But we also see Outlook areas where organizations may need more than what you get out of the box from Microsoft

A meeting is never just a meeting.  

The art of meeting scheduling is so much more than attendees and the place to meet. It's many to-do's, manual micro-processes, and related tasks that are not supported natively by Outlook or Office 365 out of the box. That involves many vital parts of the organization facilities management, the canteen, the reception, or IT. 

Therefore, Outlook or Office 365 are often not enough to manage meeting scheduling and workplace bookings as you want to. But what if you could get Outlook to operate along all dimensions of meetings? Including all the essential parts of the organization? 

How is AskCody making Outlook better? 

  • Efficient scheduling — Businesses can schedule and plan all the aspects of a meeting without investing in a meeting room booking system. Still, it almost definitely requires at least two different tools. AskCody consolidates all the features any organization would need to plan meetings into a single system effectively. The experience is better meeting management in Outlook. 
  • Productivity insights — The AskCody platform also serves as a dedicated tool for tracking how often and how long spaces and equipment are used. This gives businesses utilization data to leverage when making decisions regarding office organization and optimization. Companies wouldn't have a way to collect this type of data without a dedicated system that can monitor metrics like no-show meetings and late starts. 
  • Visual connections to your workspace – These tools even offer additional functionality that will help manage a physical office space, like providing meeting room displays and productivity analytics. 

And all this is still handled inside Outlook. AskCody – as we are a Microsoft Partner – is tightly integrated with e.g., Outlook and lives inside the Microsoft ecosystem.

See for yourself how you can achieve better meeting management in Outlook by adding AskCody:




Outlook OutlookandAskCody1
Schedule and book meetings and meeting rooms
Check availability of attendees
Check availability of meeting rooms
A scalable meeting booking solution that grows with your organisation
Booking a room with the right capacity, equipment and amenities  
Booking meeting rooms in different locations and time zones, with different services such as catering at each site  
Pre-registering external visitors and attendees for the reception, including seeing when visitors have arrived for the meeting  
Adjusting the room or date and time while keeping colleagues and service providers like the catering or hospitality team informed about the changes or adjustments  
Releasing a room booking if attendees are not showing up claiming the room  
Reserving catering, additional equipment or other services for your meeting as part of the booking flow, booking the room  
Having a clear view of room utilization, to make informed decisions on internal space and to avoid costly booking out options  
Booking flexible space such as desks, workstations or offices when you’re on the move traveling between different locations  


Meeting Management is more than Outlook can do for you 

It is imperative to have a meeting room booking system to complement Outlook's functionality in a modern office. The booking system will eliminate manual and time-consuming techniques of room reservations. AskCody's Meeting Room Booking Platform provides you with a comprehensive and cohesive feature set that accommodates all aspects and use cases of meetings. And it is providing organizations with a one-stop-shop for internal and external meetings extending features and functions in Microsoft Outlook, making Outlook work for you in one great user experience for effective meetings.




Bas van Wijk

Marketing Manager, AskCody