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Bas van Wijk

Marketing Director, AskCody. Works with improving workplace experiences and limiting friction for meeting stakeholders. Bas has large experience in inbound marketing, demand generation, and customer relationship management.

Blog Post by Bas van Wijk

Bas van WijkFeb 5, 20234 min read

According to Microsoft; this is the Future of Work

Microsoft recently released the results on the research they did on the ways we work, and ...
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Bas van WijkJan 30, 202312 min read

The Ultimate Guide to a Modern Workplace

When you envision a modern workplace what comes to mind? Game rooms? Nap pods? A ...
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Bas van WijkJun 2, 20222 min read

Maximizing Workplace Efficiency: The Power of Microsoft Outlook and AskCody

Are you considering a meeting management solution to improve your workplace's overall ...
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Bas van WijkApr 20, 20217 min read

Why Choose AskCody for Your Microsoft Integrated Workplace Platform?

If you are in the process of acquiring a Microsoft integrated workplace platform, and you ...
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Bas van WijkApr 9, 202110 min read

Let´s have look at AskCody´s reviews

This is not AskCody reviewing AskCody. Having recently started working for AskCody, the ...
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Bas van WijkApr 1, 20217 min read

Dream or Nightmare for your workspace? Interactive floor plans

Top of mind during many of our conversations with our potential customers are interactive ...
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Bas van WijkMar 26, 20213 min read

9 Must-Reads When Prepping Your Office Return in 2021

Is it the faint smell of coffee, the white noise of colleagues slamming away on their ...
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Bas van WijkMar 2, 20215 min read

The Contemporary Workplace calls for Activity Based Working

The concept of activity-based working is not new, but in light of recent events, it has ...
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