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Allan Mørch 12/5/21 8:00 AM 45 min read

The top six trends in the future of work

Work is no longer a place you go - it is something you do. From wherever you are. How ...
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Andreas Rahbek 11/4/21 4:45 PM 9 min read

4 steps to successful adoption of meeting management software

If you have spent resources (time and money) on the right meeting management software ...
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Andreas Rahbek 9/9/21 1:00 PM 11 min read

4 hybrid work models to optimize your organization

Hybrid and remote work are terms frequently used but not always clearly defined. This may ...
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Donald Fomby 8/13/21 10:25 AM 13 min read

Transitioning to Hybrid Working Post-Covid

One of the main things Covid-19 has majorly impacted is the workplace. The global ...
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Daniel Mørch Vlad 8/2/21 12:33 PM 9 min read

How smart sensors will help you improve your office

Smart technologies are changing the modern office landscape. Many see a great office ...
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Bas van Wijk 4/7/21 10:25 AM 10 min read

The Future of Work According to Microsoft

Microsoft recently released the results on the research they did on the ways we work, and ...
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Allan Mørch 3/7/21 7:30 AM 10 min read

3 Steps to Perfect Meeting Rooms Design for More Effective Meetings

When hiring a new employee, you search carefully for the right candidate who checks all ...
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Bas van Wijk 3/2/21 12:00 AM 10 min read

The revival of Activity Based Working

The concept of activity based working is not new, but in light of recent events got ...
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Bas van Wijk 3/1/21 8:30 AM 25 min read

What is a Modern Workplace?

When you envision a modern workplace what springs to mind? Game rooms? Nap pods? A ...
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Allan Mørch 1/7/19 8:30 AM 12 min read

The Most Important Features for Your Smart Office in 2019

When you hear the words “modern office”, what do you think? Many people start talking ...
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