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Return to office post Covid-19
Bas van WijkMar 26, 20213 min read

9 Must-Reads When Prepping Your Office Return in 2021

Is it the faint smell of coffee, the white noise of colleagues slamming away on their keyboards, or a chat at the coffee machine... what do we miss the most about the office? Definitely not the the challenge of finding a parking spot... or traffic.... 

Maybe not surprisingly, after a year of social isolation, recent studies have shown that what we miss most about the office is the people, our colleagues. Yes, also the one firing bad dad-jokes all the time or the one that is always 5 minutes late for meetings. We look forward meeting all of them again, it is top of mind and discussed nearly every time we interact with our customers.

And with that joyful moment approaching, there are many questions to be answered. We gathered some of our most asked questions and answers for everyone responsible for or interested in the return to their offices in 2021: 


1. How has Covid-19 changed the way we work?

Changed the way we work

How will the habits, limitations and opportunities we as employees and companies have experienced during the pandemic shape the way we work and use our offices?

read about it

2. What will the office look like when we return?

Future office

What is it that will change and what are the drivers of this? Why will things not just go back to how they were before?

show me now

3. How do AskCody customers see the use of offices post-Covid-19?

Luke Schnoebelen

Luke Schnoebelen from law-firm Shook shared his view during an open mic in one of our webinars. We think he is on to something an would like to share this view with you. 

Meet Luke


4. How can you use AskCody's platform to facilitate a safe return to the office?

Safe Return to Office

This is a list with some practical tips on using your AskCody platform to prepare  for the “Post COVID-19” workplace and get into the mindset of securing your office space and making all your employees and visitors feel safe in your environment.



5. Why are Desk and Meeting Room Management key for your return?

Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen

Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen describes our customers' experiences in this pandemic and how they work through the needed restrictions and compliances during Covid-19 and when preparing the return to your office.

Lars who?


 6. How to Make Your Office Corona Compliant?

Corona Compliant office

It is getting time to move from a situation where everybody is working remotely and prepare for the “Post COVID-19” workplace and basically get into the mindset on how to secure the office space and make all your employees and visitors feel safe in your environment.

7. What are employees' expectations when returning to the office?

employee expectations post Covid-19
What to consider as employers plan to return to the office? AskCody Co-founder Steffen Mørch walks you through recent research by one of the leading American commercial real estate services companies, JLL, among 2.000 office workers across ten countries.

8. How to improve the health of meetings during and after the coronavirus?

ideas for meeting and office improvements in a corona periodWhat can you do right now during the "closure" of the physical office? And more important. What can you do to ensure that your reception and meeting rooms will perform as well as ever? Especially when you slowly will start to return to that environment when everything is commencing to look safe again?

9. Why implement AskCody Meeting Management during COVID-19?

undraw_social_distancing_2g0uIn the pandemic's direct aftermath, companies will face a heightened degree of competition as customers demand changes and uncertainties loom ahead. Creating an efficient and excellent customer experience is one crucial area to take a look at right now.

Bas van Wijk

Marketing Director, AskCody. Works with improving workplace experiences and limiting friction for meeting stakeholders. Bas has large experience in inbound marketing, demand generation, and customer relationship management.