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Allan MørchJul 31, 20173 min read

Unleash the Power of Data with AskCody Insights

In our previous blog post about how to use meeting room statistics to design your future work space, you got an understanding of why it is crucial for you to know your workspace: how do you utilize your resources? What are the preferred meeting room types in your organization? When is rush hour for meetings, and when are your meeting rooms occupied the least? All these questions and answers so that you can make rational and strategic choices about your company's resources, facilities in general, occupancy, utilization and so on. Choices based on data and not assumptions or guesses.

In AskCody we can help you get those data! By using our AskCody Insights module, we are providing you with valuable insights to your business.

If you haven't read our blog post about the importance of having meeting room statistics, I strongly advise you to do this first.

When you have finished reading it and you wonder "how is my organization utilizing its resources?" you should just keep on reading. In this, I will guide you through our Insights module, step by step and metric by metric: what are the different metrics and what do they tell about your business?

First off: for you to get AskCody Insights, you will have to use our Meeting Room Booking add-in for Outlook. Should you have both Meeting Room Booking and Meeting Services and/or Visitor Management, you will get even richer data for your statistics. If you are interested in more of our services, you can reach out to your sales rep or your Customer Success Manager.

Walk through of Metrics AskCody Insights 

Insights can found in your Management Portal if you have the right permissions. The User Role is called “Insights Administrator.”

As of now, we are operating with two dashboards: General Statistics and Room Statistics. In the near future, you'll be able to access even more and learn about "Trends" as well.

When entering the Insights module in the Management Portal, you will always land on the General Statistics dashboard. As you might have guessed, the General Statistics dashboard shows your overall statistics and usage and utilization and so on.

The General Statistics dashboard looks like this:

Insights 5 Surface book

Here is some insights into the different metrics in AskCody Insights:

  • Organization/company
  • Select from which department/building you wish to get statistics
  • Set your period of Insights.
  • Show the total number of meetings in the set period.
  • Show meetings outside working hours.
  • Show the average attendees per meeting
  • Show the number of meeting hours held in the set period.
  • Shows the number of meetings with deliveries from a Service provider (Meeting Services data)
  • Shows how utilized the meeting rooms are regarding capacity (if you have a meeting room with a capacity of four (4) people, but you in average only are two (2) people, you have a Capacity Score of 50% (2/4)
  • Show how utilized the meeting rooms are regarding time occupied (if a meeting room is set with open hours between 8-17 (9 hours), and it has been occupied/in use for four (4) hours, you have a Time utilization of 44,44% (4/9)
  • Show the average number of meetings held per day in the set period.
  • Show the average duration per meeting in the set period.
  • Utilization metrics for specific rooms. 

The Room Statistics dashboard looks like this:



Are you doing good or bad?

We at AskCody cannot tell you if your data is “good” or “bad”; that is up to you to decide. We just provide you the statistical insights for your organization and some benchmarks that are the "reality" for you.

Is a "CapacityScore" at 75% good or bad? For some rooms, it can be excellent, while for others it's poor utilized. It can also depend on the "Room Type" and the purpose of the room. If the room is for video conferencing and has a "Utilization Score" at 80% while a "Capacity Score" at 60%, that particular room could be well used in your organization, while for other types of rooms in others, it's poorly utilized.

What matters is, that you now have the data to tell! If you don't know, you can't act. With Insights, now you know.

We are eager to have a talk with you about your objectives and desired outcome for your resources and facilities, i.e. how can AskCody assist you in reaching your organizational goals? Don't hesitate to reach out - Let’s have a chat!

How to use meeting room analytics to optimize your workplace


Allan Mørch

CEO & Founder, AskCody. Empowers organizations worldwide in creating better workplace experiences using AskCody.