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Experience Manager, AskCody

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Cecilie Als 7/15/21 10:10 AM 3 min read

New cool updates to License Management in the AskCody Portal

In the past months we have been rolling out multiple smaller updates and minor changes to ...
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Cecilie Als 2/11/21 11:10 AM 3 min read

New names now available in Add-ins and System E-mails

As a follow-up on the previous post about new names across the Platform, we are now ...
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Cecilie Als 12/22/20 9:48 AM 3 min read

New Names Across the AskCody Platform

We are working on a large project of streamlining the AskCody Platform so it becomes ...
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Cecilie Als 10/20/20 10:33 AM 5 min read

The AskCody Mobile App is now available

It doesn't get any bigger than this! The AskCody Mobile App is available in App Store and ...
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Cecilie Als 8/13/20 1:44 PM 6 min read

Easily manage hosts with same names, using this new function

It is now possible to easily detect all name duplicates in the host list in the Visitor ...
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Cecilie Als 7/10/20 10:43 AM 2 min read

Insights data export is available + we have a gift for you!

In the previous post about the new Insights, we mentioned that it would be released in ...
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Cecilie Als 7/8/20 2:11 PM 11 min read

Basic Auth for Exchange Online Will Retire - Will This Affect You?

Microsoft plans retirement of Basic Authentication for Exchange Online. This might affect ...
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Cecilie Als 7/2/20 3:38 PM 3 min read

The NEW Insights is here!

We are very proud to announce the release of the new Insights! The new Insights is ...
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Cecilie Als 5/28/20 2:13 PM 3 min read

Set 'allowed capacity' on all rooms to ensure a safe return to office

Times like these require a lot of adapting to new social distancing regulations at the ...
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Cecilie Als 5/15/20 3:25 PM 2 min read

Hide notified status label in the Visitors Web Portal

In the Visitor Web Portal, it's now possible to hide the “notified” label on an expected ...
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