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Cecilie AlsAug 16, 20232 min read

Reschedule Meetings with Ease: Unlock the Power of Workplace Central

Our latest update is transforming Workplace Central into THE meeting management tool.
Never have we been more excited and proud of a feature! We are launching rescheduling meetings in Workplace Central. Drag a meeting card across the screen to drop it in another meeting room or timeslot to reschedule and watch the magic happen. Yes, it is that simple!
Let me show you how smoothly it works, and notice all the small, cool, related additions that make this feature stand out.
Watch the video below.
When you administrate other people's calendars and keep track of catering and additional services requested for the meetings, attendees, meeting rooms booked, etc., you need a complete overview and total control. Often, meetings get rescheduled, or someone needs a room already booked for another meeting. For you to solve these kinds of situations quickly and easily, you need to be able to move meetings unrestricted.
This new feature allows you to reschedule your meetings and everyone else's meetings directly in Workplace Central, where you already have your complete overview of all meetings, attendees, catering additional services, notes, etc.
Because of the seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, you don't have to reschedule and update the meetings elsewhere. The meetings will instantly update in Outlook, and all the additions, like requested catering, IT equipment, or visitor lists added from the AskCody Add-ins, will automatically follow and update across the entire AskCody Platform*. This is what we call "follow-the-meeting logic. "

 *Buffer time is only visible when using the Bookings Add-in and is not yet available in Workplace Central. Read more here.

How to get access to reschedule meetings in Workplace Central

We have never made a feature that gives you more power than this! And that, of course, comes with some conditions. The rescheduling meetings in Workplace Central are designed specifically for Meeting Coordinators, Meeting Services Administrators, and other centralized persons who have full access to administrate other people's- and meeting room calendars.

 A powerful user role 

The AskCody Platform has different layers of accessibility managed via user roles. Administrator roles in AskCody grant access to more functionality than a Manager- or a User role. The same goes for this feature, rescheduling meetings in Workplace Central. Access to this feature requires a specific role in the AskCody Platform because of its unique rescheduling powers. 

We call it the Central Full Access Rescheduler role.

The Central Full Access Rescheduler role grants access to move and reschedule all meetings in Workplace Central unrestricted. This means the role overrules permissions set in Outlook and Exchange. This gives all the Meeting Coordinators and Meeting Services Administrators the necessary flexibility to administrate meetings and rooms in the organization. 

To access the Central Full Access Rescheduler role in your organization, follow the steps below: 

  1. Please check that you meet the requirements for Workplace Central. (If you already use Workplace Central, skip this step.)
  2. Give consent to the extended permissions in the AskCody Enterprise Application in your Azure Portal by following the steps in the linked article.
  3. Assign the role to the user who needs it via the Azure AD. 

This is a powerful role, so we recommend you read all the potential scenarios of using the Central Full Access Rescheduler role and share this information with the users who will get the role assigned.

We can't wait to hear your feedback. Happy rescheduling!


Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody.