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Complex meeting overview in Workplace Central
Cecilie AlsJun 21, 20231 min read

Simplify Complex Meetings with Better Overview and Catering Services

This new update for Workplace Central is all about making complex meetings easier to manage by providing a better overview of catering and additional services requested for meetings with multiple rooms booked. 

We all know how challenging it can be to coordinate meetings across different locations, especially when there are multiple rooms booked for a single meeting. On top of that, keeping track of the catering and additional services requested for, what we call, a complex meeting can quickly become overwhelming. 

But with this new update for Workplace Central, you can quickly navigate between the rooms directly on one instant of the meeting card and instantly get an overview of the catering and additional service requests made for that meeting. 

This means that you no longer have to scroll back and forth between each room to check requests and other important meeting information. It is conveniently laid out in one place, saving you time and the risk of overlooking important details. 

Example of a complex meeting

Imagine you have an all-day meeting that starts a 9 with breakfast booked in a room that fits the agenda for det first part of the day. After lunch, you have a call with external attendees in the same meeting, but it requires another room with video equipment installed; for this call, there will be served coffee and snacks.

The complexity lies in the one meeting with multiple rooms/locations and catering requested for the same meeting but at different times during the day and in multiple rooms. 

I hope you like the update, and it can help you get an even better overview of your complex meetings. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We're always here to help!



Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody.