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Profile images now available in AskCody.
Andreas Sjelborg RahbekJun 19, 20242 min read

Available now: personal avatars in AskCody & book directly in AskCody Maps

Profil avatars available now in AskCody and book rooms & desks in Maps

We’re excited to announce that personal avatars are available in AskCody. You can now see your colleague's personal Microsoft image in Workplace Central, our new  AskCody Maps, and the Bookings section. 

All avatars are synched with your Microsoft environment and is only applicable for customers on Microsoft 365. 

Additionally, we’ve enhanced AskCody Maps by enabling the booking of rooms and workspaces directly from the interactive floor plan.




Profile images are now available in AskCody.

Profile images "avatars" are now available



Enhancing the user experience

You might have noticed a few changes to the AskCody Platform lately: a new menu structure, a Schedule View inside Central, and our big release AskCody Maps providing interactive floor plans synched with Microsoft 365 and Outlook. 

Personal avatars selected by your users in Outlook and Teams are now visible and synchronized with AskCody, applicable to internal users within your company's Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD).

We are constantly developing our Platform and enhancing the user experience. By adding profile images and improvements to Maps in AskCody,
we strive to make your experience with the Platform even better.


Outlook profile images are now visible in AskCody 

Your users' chosen profile images in Outlook and Teams are now visible and synchronized with AskCody. You can see profile images of all internal users inside your company's Entra ID, but you will not be able to see profile images for external guests. 



Where can I see the profile images?


On each meeting card in Central

Profile pictures are now visible on meeting cards in Workplace Central. This means you won't have to remember each of your colleagues initials.
Just look at the picture, and you can go on with your daily tasks.


'All bookings' inside the Bookings section

Profile pictures of colleagues in 'All bookings' will give you a comprehensive overview to quickly identify who will attend which meetings.



Book directly in AskCody Maps.

Now available: Book rooms and desks directly in AskCody Maps



AskCody Maps for room and desk booking

AskCody Maps is your interactive floor plan integrated with the AskCody Platform. It provides a 2D/3D visual overview of all office resources, showing the free/busy status of rooms and desks, where coworkers are sitting, and helps you easily navigate the office. 

We're enhancing Maps by allowing users to book rooms and workspaces directly within the map. This feature synchronizes seamlessly with Outlook and Microsoft 365, offering new ways to find the ideal workspace.

Finding your colleague has never been easier with profile images in AskCody Maps. Get a comprehensive overview and see the conference rooms and desks your colleagues have reserved. 

If you want more information about AskCody Maps visit our website to learn more.



What's next?

We're proud to release personal avatars and booking functionality inside AskCody Maps. Next on our product roadmap is to release Location Memberships for Central. This will allow companies to restrict user access inside Central to only show the user's office location.



Andreas Sjelborg Rahbek

Product Marketing Specialist, AskCody. Andreas shares news about AskCody product improvements and features.