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Kim JensenMay 28, 20246 min read

Getting started with AskCody

Getting started with AskCody is straightforward: you sign up, and then you are good to go... said no one who ever implemented a full meeting management system, which is also not true for AskCody. Setting up and integrating the platform to be functional is easy and only takes a couple of hours.

The work comes when you want to ensure the platform creates value consistently across your entire organization, day in and day out, through your meeting journey; that cannot be achieved by only looking at the platform or system. There is no such thing as a perfect Meeting Management Platform or System, not even AskCody.


The importance of a thorough implementation

Why? Because no system is "better" than the individual user and people using it, nor how the system is configured to meet the needs of the business

You see, the key to an efficient and seamless workplace experience achieved by implementing a Meeting Management Platform like AskCody is alignment between "System," "People," and "Processes." Ensuring that the System, People, and Processes are in sync creates symbiosis. That's the perfect trifecta you are looking for. And that's what you need to achieve excellence and success.

So, we build our implementation around that to have you covered and help you be successful. You can start implementing AskCody on your own, but we highly recommend that you continue reading and select our recommended Premium Services program for continued success.

AskCody is a comprehensive Platform covering room, meeting, and workspace bookings, indoor maps and floor plans, visitor management, meeting services request, vendor and conference service management, and custom integrations for automating workflows and processes all integrated under one roof as an all-in-one Platform. Customers tell us, and we also believe, that the true value in AskCody is when the entire AskCody suite is brought together and used as a Platform, not as separated, individual tools or features. That's why AskCody is only provided as a full Platform, not as individual features or modules. We built our Platform to work seamlessly with all our modules and offerings, and they are simply better when combined.


Implementing AskCody requires 3 things:

  • Understand the features and potential of the system (that's on us to educate you on what the capabilities of AskCody are)
  • Understand the processes and requirements of the business implementing the system (this, we can't do alone - you must educate us on how you (want to) operate and how your workplace works)
  • Understand, know (and train) the people using the system to support that business (this, we create and do together to achieve meeting excellence)
No matter how big or small your organization - or the AskCody Meeting Management project you are about to implement - success requires planning, commitment, and strong sponsorship from your company's executive team, followed by continuous focus on adoption.
Success is not achieved by setting and forgetting.
Before starting, you must understand your business's needs, managers, sponsors, and users. What is it that you want to achieve? What is the desired business outcome that drives you throughout the process? Why are you implementing a Meeting Management Platform in the first place? What are the must-win battles? What is the one thing you must avoid? And what are the business processes that you want to support and streamline with AskCody? Is it a new project or a replacement for an existing system?
Without a detailed understanding of these needs, it's easy to go overboard in trying to customize the application just because it's so easy, or you simply end up halfway through the implementation with a half-implemented IT project that lost traction and commitment because it took too long to implement.
AskCody's Platform is designed to reduce complexity in your workplace, supporting office employees, admin staff, PAs, hospitality, catering and conference service teams, front desks, and visitors in your workplace. That's why we want to bring all of these roles and people together from the start, to understand everyone's needs, requirements, and desires so that the system is first and foremost configured and implemented to support those needs and requirements of the business, followed by creating the right onboarding and training plan, to ensure that every user is onboarded as effectively as possible, understanding how the system works, and why it's set up this way, in terms of supporting the overall vision of the business.
Our comprehensive Implementation guide covers the steps of achieving success and is fully supervised and supported by AskCody's Customer Success experts.

Meeting Journey Mapping

Meeting journey mapping or business logic workshops is our structured approach to visualizing and designing the entire meeting process, from preparation to follow-up, to enhance the experience for all involved.

When meeting journey mapping is applied and integrated during the implementation of AskCody, it significantly enhances the value and effectiveness of the platform, leading to better meeting outcomes and overall organizational productivity.

Meet Kim, our Customer Experience Director, sharing how that works:



Your fast track to continuous success - Choose our Premium Service Plan

With Premium Services, you don't have to do it alone. We're here to help. Premium Support and Customer Services is designed for all customers who want more personalized onboarding, implementation, support, training, and faster ROI.

AskCody's Customer Success Team and Solution Engineers are here to answer your questions, help you master the Meeting Management Platform, and ensure you're getting the most out of your investment.


AskCody is more than software - it's a way of running a smarter workplace

And we're here to help you get there. Premium Professional Services are based on the number of meeting rooms, workspaces, and receptions, the size of the organization, and the complexity of workplace processes. The Premium Service and Experience Package for rapid success engagement is designed to enable your organization to get the most from the AskCody platform by leveraging our experts for onboarding, support, and customer success.

With Premium Services, you'll have a variety of services available. It's your fast track to stay ahead and maximize your investment in a Meeting Management Platform. From exclusive 24/7-365 support, 8 hours response time, priority in the support queue, and frequent updates on escalated issues, over monthly updates and quarterly business reviews, to online training and webinars with exclusive access to learn from our developers and product team members. We'll have you covered in all aspects.
Premium Support and Customer Services is not just designed for all customers who want more personalized onboarding, implementation, support, training, faster ROI, and access to raw meeting data for customized reports. We recommend it for everyone, as success in Meeting Management is only achieved when you reach alignment between "system," "people," and "processes." And we'll help you get there.

Continuous end-user training to ensure adoption 

Re-implementing and re-training are key to maintaining success with your platform. In many workplaces, 20% of staff is replaced in a year; after all, that is 5 years of working in the same company.

For a 2000-person organization, that's equal to 400 new colleagues every year, and every one of those colleagues should also be properly trained and onboarded in how your Meeting Management System works according to how that exact workplace operates. Otherwise, they don't understand the business (processes) or the system. And that's actually where we see most organizations fail, as new employees are never trained or onboarded, leading to frustration, misunderstanding, and, in the end, a desire to replace the system, as it "doesn't work as it's supposed to" simply because no one knows how the system works, how it's configured (or why), and are never trained.

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Kim Jensen

Customer Experience Director, AskCody. Cares about the advantages, implementation, and utilization of AskCody and helps educate Customers about the benefits it can bring to their meeting processes. Kim has experience in Customer Experience, IT, and support management.