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Recaptured time

What is recaptured time?

Time reserved for a meeting might differentiate from the actual time used in the meetings. Recaptured time is the amount of time freed up from changes in the reservations of your meeting rooms. To better understand here is an example: 

  • John booked a 1-hour meeting with the sales team. Neither the sales team nor John shows up because they decided to push the event to the next week. But no one has deleted the event in Outlook. After 15 minutes with no one confirming the meeting on the meeting room displays; the meeting is canceled, and the room is now available for others to use. 

In this scenario, John booked 60 minutes, but never showed up. The time to confirm the meeting was 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the meeting room was available for all to use again. So the organization recaptured: 45 minutes. This is just 1 example. Another one could be, that John ended the meeting 30 minutes earlier than expected. 


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