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Event duration

What is event duration?

Event duration refers to the average amount of time it takes to hold a meeting or event in a specific meeting room. It is a useful metric for event planners and facility managers to determine the appropriate use of meeting spaces and allocate resources effectively.

By tracking event duration, organizations can establish the specific purposes of different meeting rooms and support the events taking place in them. For example, a meeting room with a shorter event duration may be better suited for quick team meetings, while a larger conference room with a longer event duration may be more appropriate for all-day training sessions or large-scale presentations.

At AskCody for instance we have named our meeting rooms after specific purposes of each meeting room. They are called: 

  • Call
  • Talk
  • Meet
  • Show
  • Create
  • Finance
  • Business

Knowing the event duration also allows for efficient scheduling of meeting spaces and helps avoid overbooking or underutilization of rooms. By optimizing the use of meeting spaces, organizations can increase productivity and save time and resources.

Overall, event duration is an important factor to consider when designing and managing meeting spaces. By understanding the specific needs of each event and matching them to appropriate meeting spaces, organizations can ensure a successful and productive meeting experience for all participants.


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