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Ralitsa Aleksandrova May 5, 2022 7 min read

Implementing a Workplace Design Strategy

Designing a workplace has historically been more about the surface-value appeal. Which ...
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Rikke Diget Fuglsang May 4, 2022 16 min read

Workplace Design Trends that will accommodate new ways of working

The working landscape has evolved and transformed immensely over the past years. So much, ...
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Andreas Sjelborg Rahbek Apr 25, 2022 9 min read

6 tips to create an ideal work environment

Take a moment and imagine an ideal workplace. A workplace that engages employees, ...
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Allan Mørch Feb 23, 2022 8 min read

Linking Your Workplace Design to Your Meeting Purposes

A meeting room is never just a meeting room because they come in so many shapes and sizes ...
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Allan Mørch Nov 19, 2021 8 min read

3 Steps to a Perfect Meeting Room Design

When hiring a new employee, you search carefully for the right candidate who checks all ...
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Andreas Sjelborg Rahbek Aug 17, 2021 6 min read

How desk booking optimize your organization

The global pandemic has opened our eyes to new challenges and opportunities. One of these ...
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Bas van Wijk Mar 1, 2021 21 min read

What is a Modern Workplace?

When you envision a modern workplace what springs to mind? Game rooms? Nap pods? A ...
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Allan Mørch Mar 8, 2019 10 min read

Why we Need More Huddle Rooms to Stay Productive

The benefits of modern workplace design are proven and plentiful, but employees often ...
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