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The Blog on Meeting Management and beyond

Allan MørchJan 6, 202310 min read

Flexible vs Dedicated Workspace (Which One Is Right For You?)

Work and the nature of where and how it is done has changed a lot in recent decades. ...
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Allan MørchDec 29, 20227 min read

How Do Office Sensors Work? (The ultimate guide)

Given the mobility and flexibility of today’s office workers, a new challenge has emerged ...
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Allan MørchDec 8, 202210 min read

How AI and data analytics will revolutionize the legal industry

Any time a professional sector faces the rise of new technology, there are justifiable ...
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Steffen MørchNov 30, 202212 min read

Smart office: What, where, how, and for whom?

To get the full picture of how the smart office functions it is important to make sure ...
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Rikke Diget FuglsangNov 24, 20227 min read

10+ technology tools for lawyers (the lawtech guide) 

There are many benefits associated with leveraging the right technology. It can help many ...
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David Bak PosadaNov 21, 20226 min read

3 Steps to Client Confidentiality at your Law Firm Meetings

Client and case confidentiality is a key tenet of any law firm. The privilege of ...
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Allan MørchNov 18, 20229 min read

The cost of meetings (7 tips to reduce it)

Meetings are hugely expensive. Any meeting that will not directly generate revenue or ...
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Ralitsa AleksandrovaNov 8, 20229 min read

Law Firm Profitability (A Guide to Maximizing Billable Hours)

Time is money at law firms. It is that simple. The billable hour is a major part of the ...
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Allan MørchOct 31, 20227 min read

Ghost Meetings Are Haunting Your Office (And Financials)

Do you have plenty of meetings on the schedule, but find they are going unattended on a ...
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Allan MørchOct 20, 20228 min read

Visitor Management System Requirements Checklist

If you ever have visitors or guests coming into your office, you need a visitor ...
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