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Allan MørchMar 6, 20194 min read

Multiple Language Support, Bulk Calendar Import, and Meeting Location Information

Hello, fellow AskCody enthusiast! Are you prepared to get regular updates that enrich your AskCody product suit? Well, buckle up because we have quite a few new things we hope you will be happy about!


This first product update in 2019 includes:

  1. Multiple language support across the entire AskCody system and modules
  2. Bulk calendar import
  3. Meeting location in the visit information


Why should you get excited about language updates?

AskCody is an international company. English is the primary language we speak and communicate in. However, as we provide the AskCody Platform to companies worldwide, we aim to accommodate our customers' diverse setups.

Not only can your Room Displays and Meeting Dashboards now be shown in different languages based on location, but the Management Portal can be adjusted on the user’s level, thus supporting end users in their native language every day.


Improvement value

We proudly announce that the Management Portal and modules can be set up in 8 different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Finnish

You can set language preferences for customers, locations, and individual users! What’s not to love?


Where to find it?

There are a few places you can set up your language preferences. The general language for your customer profile can be found in the Admin Center under general settings -> Language and time.

You can also select a language on an individual location in the Admin Center under general settings -> Locations-> Add. Setting up a different language on a location will overwrite the general language and time setting for that location. This means that if you have the general language set to English but need your signage in Sweden to be shown in your native language – you can choose the Swedish language under your location in Gothenburg.

Note: you will see that what you set up is called Locale – which not only determines the language preference but also defines the way date and time are shown on your signage solutions.

Read more about locale setup in our help article.


Why is bulk calendar import important?

With this feature, administrators responsible for setting up calendars on the AskCody Management Portal will be able to add many calendars at a time instead of one. This feature reduces the time it takes larger customers to onboard using the AskCody Management Portal. This is a feature that will be very useful at the beginning of our customer’s journey with the AskCody system and modules and in the cases of moving resources from and to different locations and connections. 


Improvement value

Depending on the number of your resources, it can take a bit of time to get them all to our Management Portal. Customers with a handful of resources get through adding new calendars to AskCody without a hassle. However, when a customer with several locations wants to get started with using our modules, this process significantly increases time to value. By introducing bulk calendar import possibility, we improve our users’ experience and assist global administrators in getting started with using their resources with AskCody’s Meeting Management Portal and modules and speed up the manual setup process such that the customers can focus on implementing the AskCody solution to their everyday life instead of spending time on manual processes.


Where to find it?

You can find the option to import calendars in bulk in Admin Center -> Connect-> Calendars. There, right next to the „add“ button, you will have the „import“ button. After clicking on that, you will need to specify which location the calendars should belong to, among other information.

Read more about how to get started with the bulk calendar import feature in our help article.


Why is the meeting location in the visit information important?

Great news for the receptionist using our visitor management system – from now on, you will get more information about your visitors' stay! We added the location of the meeting the visitor is attending under the meeting information.

Improvement value

External visitors coming to a new place might consider quite a few things: Where is the building I have my meeting in? Where do I park my car? Should I get breakfast before the meeting, or maybe catering will be provided?

As that is a lot to think about, some information might fall through the cracks, and the visitors mostly remember the meeting subject, not the meeting room. Therefore, we have added more information about the meeting the visitor is invited to – meeting location. Now, receptionists can easily direct the visitors to the right room and provide helpful assistance to increase visit satisfaction.  

Where to find it? 

This feature is already available for all Visitor Management owners and users. If the visitor is registered for a meeting through our Visitor Management Add-in and a location is added to the meeting invitation, their visit information will appear in the current visitor list. The meeting location will be shown in italic below the meeting subject.

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Allan Mørch

CEO & Founder, AskCody. Empowers organizations worldwide in creating better workplace experiences using AskCody.