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Desk hoteling

What is desk hoteling?

Desk hoteling is a modern approach to accommodate the flexible work environment and provide employees with more control and choice over their workstations. Unlike hot desking, where employees have to arrive early to secure a desk for the day, desk hoteling allows employees to book a desk ahead of time for a specific period. The booking process is simple and can be done using desk booking software or internal systems within the organization.

The concept of desk hoteling is similar to hot desking, however, the main difference is that with hoteling, the desks are reserved for a longer period and by a schedule. This way, employees can work on the same desk or office space for an ongoing project, ensuring a consistent work environment and improving their productivity. Additionally, it eliminates the hassle of searching for a free desk every day and helps employees to plan their work better.

By providing employees with the option to book their workstations in advance, desk hoteling is a win-win situation for both employees and employers. On one hand, employees can choose a desk that suits their needs, while on the other hand, employers can maximize their office space utilization and reduce the costs associated with unused or unoccupied desks.

In conclusion, desk hoteling is a flexible and cost-effective solution for modern organizations looking to provide their employees with more control and choice over their work environment. It allows employees to work in a more consistent environment than hot desking, which in return can lead to increased productivity.


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