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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 2/4/21 12:00 PM 11 min read

Tips for Desk & Meeting Room Booking During the Pandemic

The pandemic is still a big challenge on both a personal level and a challenge for your ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 11/3/20 10:59 AM 10 min read

Build versus Buy: Don't Build Your Own Meeting Management Solution

As a CIO, CTO, or an IT project manager, balancing your company's immediate needs with ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 10/16/20 12:39 PM 13 min read

One Chance to Get It Right: Investing in First Impressions

Chances are you already know that making a good first impression is essential. Dressing ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 9/23/20 3:49 PM 7 min read

The secrets behind implementing a meeting management system right now

In some way or the other, it seems we will be dealing with a mix of closed offices, ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 9/10/20 3:46 PM 12 min read

Takeaways from ILTA>ON 2020 – The Legal Technology Conference

This year's ILTACON (even the name was changed) was a different conference compared to ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 6/30/20 1:27 PM 2 min read

Does the AskCody platform work with Exchange, Outlook and Azure?

To that, we can answer clearly: YES! And not only that: AskCody is uniquely directly ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 4/23/20 12:37 PM 12 min read

9 Tips on How to Make Your Meeting Rooms Corona Compliant

We are all still challenged by the current coronavirus pandemic status. Most business ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 3/18/20 11:19 AM 8 min read

How to improve the health of meetings during and after the coronavirus

We are in these weeks all confronted by a challenging situation with the coronavirus ...
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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 11/12/19 10:59 AM 3 min read

What is a Room Display?

To design the smartest office environment, you need to add functions that make daily life ...
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