Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen 6/30/20 1:27 PM 1 min read

Does the AskCody platform work with Exchange, Outlook and Azure?

To that, we can answer clearly: YES!

And not only that: AskCody is uniquely directly built into Office, Exchange and Azure. And we work very closely together with Microsoft to ensure it will continue that way for the future. As we like to say it: we are the meeting management software platform built for Microsoft.

One way to ensure this is that we are a Microsoft Partner working together with Microsoft on our meeting management platform. We are proud of this close connection with Microsoft.

Microsoft Partner-1This tight cooperation is one of the things that makes an essential differentiator for us compared with other solutions. We base our platform on the same consolidated, single source of truth view of all your data to provide easy access and reduce waiting times. That unified view is the data structure that already exists within your Microsoft Azure and/or Exchange environment.

One of the reasons Microsoft chose to partner with AskCody originally is the way we use Exchange as the only data layer for your meeting platform to provide enhanced functionalities – without creating a copy of every meeting in our systems. Other competitive solutions that offer similar capabilities typically require additional integrations between databases and synchronizations.

This integration is often a key parameter for professional and financial service organizations and enterprise cooperations because of size, complexity, and – in many cases – security needs.




Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen

Marketing Director, AskCody