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Andreas RahbekJun 28, 20225 min read

Licenses, Visitors Internationalization, and Future Enhancements

This is your June product update on the AskCody platform. The purpose is to give you a firsthand view of our product development pipeline. 


This blog may include plans, predictions, estimates, or other information that might be considered forward-looking. All forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially.




1.1 Manage Your Licenses with ease in the Management Portal

To easily manage your subscription across multiple locations it is now possible to see all assigned licenses and products to each location. You can sort data and quickly get an overview of which locations hold the most rooms, desks, displays, receptions, and service providers.

Create and export reports from the Locations page, with all relevant information about the location, including the license distribution across them. Transform the data and adapt it to the requirements of stakeholders in your organization, giving you further control of the utilization of products across your locations.


1.2 Visitors Internationalization

Visitor Management can now handle languages for visitors, receptions, and hosts. This is relevant for large enterprises that either span multiple locations or are situated in multi-lingual areas. This will include sending guiding emails and texts to visitors and hosts in their chosen language. Read about the benefits here.AskCody_Visitor_Add-in


2. NOW: What Are We Currently Working On

We are continually improving the core of our platform based on input from our customers. Below you can find the primary things our product and development departments are focusing on at the time of writing.


2.1 Visitors Anonymization

Soon it will be easy to anonymize the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of your visitors to ensure their confidentiality and enable you to be fully compliant. You will be able to set up an automatic removal of all Visitor PII after a given number of days. This way you ensure that the personal data of all guests will not reside at your company. 

Watch our recent demo in the video below to gain a better understanding of how it will work.




2.2 In-App Purchases

To give your organization the flexibility to scale at your own pace and have better control over your subscription we have introduced In-App Purchases.

With this new feature, your organization will be able to decide if admins should be allowed to add additional licenses to the AskCody platform, and easily see when all the included licenses in your subscription have been used.


2.3 The New Workplace Central

We are working to create the New Workplace Central. This includes building the technical foundation and a completely new user interface.  We want to empower facility teams and booking coordinators with an improved layout and user experience by creating a new Workplace Central. This will provide a grid-like overview of all rooms and desk bookings including service requests and notes. The goal is to make it easy to get a quick overview of all activities in the office.


First draft mockup of a grid view in the new Workplace Central


2.4 Microsoft Graph Integration

Our Exchange integration ensures a single source of truth for our customers and is currently built on Exchange Web Services (EWS). The successor for EWS is Microsoft Graph and this will be the future gateway for data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. To keep our tight integration to Exchange and open for future innovation on our platform, we are currently working to integrate to Microsoft Graph. This integration continues to be a top priority since it enables other projects like The New Workplace Central.



3. NEXT: What We Will Work On Next

Soon we will start working on the following product improvements to the platform. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and that we are continuously looking for opportunities to provide other valuable improvements.


3.1 Single Sign-On 

To give enhanced security & access control and an improved user experience for end-users we want to implement Microsoft Single Sign-On in the AskCody platform. This will give our users two benefits:

  • Improved security and access control through Microsoft's technology with the option for two-factor authentication. With SSO access management can be overseen from within Azure Active Directory instead of the AskCody portal. 
  • People can use their already familiar Microsoft credentials to login to login to the AskCody portal, not having to remember additional user names and passwords.


3.2 Insights & reporting on the efficiency of your services and receptions

In AskCody we want to create better workplace experiences by empowering business support teams to easily manage services and visitors. To help understand how to improve the efficiency of your service providers and reception we are working on a new reporting capability. This will arm you with data to

  • Help save receptionists' time
  • Provide a better visitor experience
  • Understand how much time services staff spend on ad hoc requests
  • Avoid canceled and rejected service requests

3.3 Access to ad-hoc service requests for Central users

We are working on a solution to support ad-hoc service requests for recurring meetings. We have outlined a plan where the first step is to increase organizational access on a user-level to meeting services. At the moment meeting coordinators and receptionists do not have access to the AskCody Management Portal except for Central. By allowing them limited access to add and see orders, they will have increased access to service providers. This is the first of multiple steps towards supporting ad-hoc service for recurring meetings or more complex meeting scenarios. 


4. FUTURE: Statement Of Direction 

If you want insight into the future of AskCody and the themes we are prioritizing in our roadmap, check out the Statement of Direction. If you have any wishes for the future focus of our platform, please reach out to let us know. 


Andreas Rahbek

Product Marketing Specialist, AskCody. Andreas shares knowledge about the AskCody products, new features, and updates. He is skilled in product communication and presents the newest AskCody releases that fit your meeting management needs.