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Cecilie AlsApr 30, 20201 min read

AskCody and Crestron: The Perfect Meeting Room Trifecta

We are happy to announce that the AskCody Displays software now comes pre-installed on the Crestron high-end meeting room displays. This means that AskCody is available as a turn key, plug and play solution when you buy a Crestron display, making it easy to get started. 

Crestron displays are known for their enterprise-grade reliability and we have worked closely together to establish a premium bond between the AskCody software platform and Crestron displays making meeting room management easy and smart. 

AskCody and Crestron gives you smart availability lights and on-screen check-in 

  • The AskCody Displays software can control the built-in LED light of the display to make it easy and convenient to see both available meeting rooms in the physical workspace. 

  • When attending a meeting, you can go with ease and tap on the display to check in to the meeting room. 

  • The Crestron Room Availability Status Indicators can be controlled by the AskCody Displays software for a very convenient overview of free and booked meeting rooms from a distance.

Running AskCody on a Crestron display 

Since AskCody now runs pre-installed on Crestron displays, all you have to do is: 

  1. Turn on the Crestron display and open the settings menu. 
  2. Select the AskCody App. 
  3. Type in the AskCody license key you will find on the AskCody Portal. 

Read more about how to set up a Crestron display with the AskCody Displays software here.   

A partnership that completes the perfect meeting room trifecta: AskCody + Crestron + Microsoft 

The Crestron enterprise-grade suite of hardware products and meeting room displays  integrated with AskCody’s Resource Scheduling and Meeting Management platform built for Microsoft, now drives meeting efficiency, scalability, reliability and security to the next level. Office Managers can rely on Crestron’s durable enterprise-grade devices that now comes preloaded with AskCody to plug and play, while IT Managers can leverage  AskCody’s intelligent integration to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 and Active Directory keeping the IT backbone of the company clean, secure and efficient. 

The Partnership with Crestron completes the perfect meeting room trifecta combining AskCody, Microsoft and Crestron in one, powerful complete solution to manage meeting rooms with ease. 



Cecilie Als

Product Communication Lead, AskCody.