Tax information fields in AskCody meeting service emails

We have now solved an important issue so that it's possible to hide sensitive tax informations in confirmation and notification emails sent from the AskCody Meeting Service platform. Tax information fields* comes in a variety of types and are individually created and customized by the organization. Some of the informations typed in tax fields can be sensitive and should not be visible in emails.

E.g.,You have a Tax field called "Credit card number" or "External attendees emails", that your employees need to fill out when ordering services for their meeting. These informations could be sensitive and should not be sent out in an email. 

With the option "Tax information in emails", it is possible to disable specific tax fields in emails to prevent sensitive informations from being shown.  

*Tax information fields are customizable fields about tax laws and policies that an organization might have, that employees fill out when meeting services are ordered in either the AskCody Meeting Service Add-in or the Management Platform.

How to disable specific Tax information fields in emails


  1. Log in to the AskCody Management Portal.

  2. Go to the Admin Center.

  3. Open Meeting+.

  4. Choose Meeting+ Tax fields.

  5. Click Edit on the Tax field that could contain sensitive informations .

  6. Find "Tax information field in email" and disable the check-box.


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