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Jacob LangeOct 27, 20172 min read

AskCody Nominated for Two Prestigious Business Awards in Denmark

Aalborg, 27. October 2017 – AskCody have just been nominated for two IVÆKST awards: ‘Growth Adventure of the Year’ and ‘Daredevil of the Year’ – two of the Denmark’s grandest business awards.

AskCody, which develops advanced software for scheduling and holding meetings, has just been nominated for ‘Growth Adventure of the Year’ and ‘Daredevil of the Year’ by a jury consisting of members from ASE, Codan, pwc, Google, and I.G.I. After the nomination, it is up to the Danes and not least the entrepreneurial community to vote the winner of the two awards, and first place will be announced in connection with a big award party on November 13th in Copenhagen.

In just a few years, AskCody has achieved a position as a global supplier of meeting booking software, intelligent management of meeting bookings in large companies. The software already handles 1 million meetings in Europe and the United States every month, and the rapid growth has in a very short time laid the foundation for a company with almost 25 employees, five of whom work at the newly opened office in Boston, US. In the spring of 2017, AskCody also received a million dollar investment from venture capital fund Promentum Equity Partners, which has accelerated growth further.

In the category ‘Daredevil of the Year’, the award is given to a company that has been exemplary in its daring as an entrepreneur. According to IG, this year's Daredevil takes chances where no one else sees the possible and engages in situations that few would dare.

The Award as ‘Growth Adventure of the Year’ is given to a company that has worked its way to great growth and whose brand has in a short time achieved high status in its field.

Growth and innovation still take up everything for us, and we go to work every day to do a little better than yesterday in the many markets where our software is now being used. We are very proud of the nomination, and now it is up to the Danes to decide who runs with the award. No matter who wins, it's a category filled with very talented companies that we're humbled to perform with.”


- Allan Mørch, CEO and founder, AskCody

The IVÆKST Prize is the entrepreneurial environment's own award, which pays homage to the most talented Danish entrepreneurs every year. The prize is awarded to companies that have excelled on the growth scale and pays tribute to the good entrepreneurial history. Therefore, the IVÆKST Prize winners are not only entrepreneurs who experience financial success, but equally passionate souls who break the framework and inspire others with their innovative ideas and daring entrepreneurial adventures.

It is the audience itself that has nominated the companies. After that, a jury selects the best candidates, and in the end it is again up to the audience to vote for the candidates they deem most worthy. Among other things, it is IVÆKST's 65,000 users who can vote. Successful companies such as GoMore, Billetto, Tradono and Too Good To Go have previously been able to call themselves winners of the IVÆKST Prize - an award that has often helped entrepreneurs make the leap from promising to established business.

There are a total of 36 candidates spread across six categories in the 2017 IVÆKST Prize.


Jacob Lange

Jacob Lange is the AskCody press contact and handles all media inquiries. If you have any questions related to press or media, please reach out to our press contact Jacob Lange at;