Reuben Yonatan 1/29/18 8:30 AM 1 min read

10 Tips to Run Effective Meetings from Successful Leaders

The following post is a guest post from GetVoIP

Running efficient meetings is an essential part of running an efficient business.

In the modern workplace, with workplace flexibility and remote workers, scheduling and executing meetings has become more complex. However, it's still possible to conduct meetings effectively by following best practices such as:

  • Using a detailed agenda

  • Provide necessary preparation materials ahead of the meeting

  • Designate a meeting facilitator to provide structure

  • Focus on task completion rather than timeframes

  • Implement some sort of follow-up mechanism to review meeting takeaways

GetVoIP has put together an infographic that shares these tips, plus specific meeting strategies from some of the most successful leaders from around the world.


Check out the visual below to learn more about how you can improve the efficiency of your meetings.

Efficient Meetings Infographic



Reuben Yonatan

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