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Andreas Sjelborg Rahbek

Product Marketing Specialist, AskCody. Andreas shares news about AskCody product improvements and features.

Blog Post by Andreas Sjelborg Rahbek

Andreas Sjelborg RahbekOct 10, 20224 min read

5 Visitor & Meeting Management System Features You Need

Get inspired by the alternative ways some of our customers use AskCody to solve their ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekAug 10, 20225 min read

Top 5 Negative Workplace Behaviors And How To Avoid Them

We gathered the top indicators of bad behavior in the workplace, so you can identify and ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekJul 21, 20223 min read

How To Manage Meeting Rooms In Outlook

Outlook is a brilliant tool for managing meetings, but it is not without limitations. We ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekMay 30, 20224 min read

Cloud-based vs On-prem Meeting Room Booking Systems

Should you choose a cloud-based or on-prem meeting room booking system? Find the answers ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekMay 19, 20226 min read

A Quick Guide to Designing Neighborhoods in Offices

Neighborhoods are used to effectively arrange the placement of employees based on ongoing ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekApr 25, 20226 min read

6 tips to create an ideal work environment

Take a moment and imagine an ideal workplace. A workplace that engages employees, ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekMar 14, 20225 min read

Workplace Insights – How To Benefit From Workplace Analytics

Today data is all around us. You can track and measure activities such as office and ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekDec 14, 20214 min read

Do Recurring Meetings Fit the Future Workstyle?

What are recurring meetings? Recurring meetings are gatherings set to automatically ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekNov 4, 20214 min read

4 steps to successful adoption of meeting management software

If you have spent resources (time and money) on the right meeting management software ...
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Andreas Sjelborg RahbekSep 9, 20214 min read

4 hybrid work models to optimize your organization

Hybrid and remote work are terms frequently used but not always clearly defined. This may ...
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